Davis, Larry S.

Searching for Objects using Structure in Indoor Scenes

arXiv.org Artificial Intelligence

To identify the location of objects of a particular class, a passive computer vision system generally processes all the regions in an image to finally output few regions. However, we can use structure in the scene to search for objects without processing the entire image. We propose a search technique that sequentially processes image regions such that the regions that are more likely to correspond to the query class object are explored earlier. We frame the problem as a Markov decision process and use an imitation learning algorithm to learn a search strategy. Since structure in the scene is essential for search, we work with indoor scene images as they contain both unary scene context information and object-object context in the scene. We perform experiments on the NYU-depth v2 dataset and show that the unary scene context features alone can achieve a significantly high average precision while processing only 20-25\% of the regions for classes like bed and sofa. By considering object-object context along with the scene context features, the performance is further improved for classes like counter, lamp, pillow and sofa.