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Iran scientist linked to military nuclear program killed

Boston Herald

An Iranian scientist named by the West as the leader of the Islamic Republic's disbanded military nuclear program was killed Friday in an ambush on the outskirts of Tehran, authorities said. Iran's foreign minister alleged the killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh bore "serious indications" of an Israeli role, but did not elaborate. Israel, long suspected of killing several Iranian nuclear scientists a decade ago, declined to immediately comment. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once told the public to "remember that name" when talking about Fakhrizadeh. The killing risks further raising tensions across the Mideast, nearly a year after Iran and the U.S. stood on the brink of war when an American drone strike killed a top Iranian general in Baghdad.

[D] Why you shouldn't get your Ph.D.


I just want to share some of the observations I've made throughout my "journey". Maybe my experience differs completely from others, but after talking with my colleagues about these things, I don't think I am unique in how I feel about getting a Ph.D. First off, they take way too long and cost way too much and for very little reward at the end. And they are also kind of a scam. I have some friends who've shared horror stories of Professors outright refusing to let their students graduate, holding them "hostage". I'm sure others are aware of this happening.

The New Weapons Of War Are Coming As The US Military Develops Weaponized Laser Beams - Walid Shoebat


In the original "Austin Powers" film, the character Dr. Evil asked for "sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads" in order to kill Austin Powers. While this scene is ridiculous and funny, the concept of using "laser beams" as a weapon is not new. However, with the rise in technology of robotics and AI, The Drive reports that the US government has been working on the'weapons of the future', which seem to be energy-directed weapons such as laser beams. All the microelectronics and iPhones and so forth, were starting to be drilled and the touch screens were being scribed, and all this whole industrial space opened up, and the reason was that these fiber lasers were very efficient at converting electrical power to optical power. The beam quality that came out of the fiber-laser, meaning the ability for that beam to be focusable, to provide a high-intensity spot to do things, like melt metal and drill holes, the beam quality was very high.

How to structure business problems for data science solutions


Half the battle in a successful data science project can be expressing the problem in a way that ensures a optimal data-driven solution, with a clear set of realistic, achievable objectives. What exactly will be the commercial benefit of solving this problem? If you have properly addressed the first 3 points, this should be a yes, but it always worth this final check. It is at points 3 and 4 that seemingly well-structured data projects often become unstuck. A granular analysis at this stage can save much subsequent hair-tearing and disappointment.

Text Classification with RNN


RNN is a famous supervised Deep Learning methodology. Other commonly used Deep Learning neural networks are Convolutional Neural Networks and Artificial Neural Networks. The main goal behind Deep Learning is to reiterate the functioning of a brain by a machine. ANN stores data for a long time, so does the Temporal lobe. So it is linked with the Temporal Lobe.

Reachy is an expressive, open-source robot - Open Electronics


Seems like everybody's getting into the AI and robotics game -- at least the companies and research institutions that can afford to build their platforms from the ground up are. France's Pollen Robotics, on the other hand, aims to kickstart the robotics revolution with its open-source system, Reachy. The robot, being open-source, is capable of so much more. Developers can use Python to create myriad applications for the system, while the robot's modular nature allows for any number of applications whether that's food service, customer service, demonstrations or good old fashioned research and development. The system comes with built-in AI which should help developers jump straight into the meat of their research without first having to train up the machine learning component.

Artificial Intelligence in the Middle East: Here's What You Need to Know


Middle east is one of the top tech destinations where artificial intelligence is playing a significant role. The region is known for its oil wells, which are major contributors to the region's economy. Slowly the economy is shifting its base from petrochemicals to technology. The region is slowly shifting its economic dependence on oil wells. According to an IDC report, spending on AI in the region is expected to grow at an annual growth of 19%.

Turing Test At 70: Still Relevant For AI (Artificial Intelligence)?


ENGLAND - 1958: English Electric developed several notable pioneering computers during the 1950s. The DEUCE took up a huge space compared to modern computers and worked from 1450 thermionic valves which grew hot, blow outs were frequent. However the DEUCE proved a popular innovation and some models were working in to the 1970s. Photograph by Walter Nurnberg who transformed industrial photography after WWII using film studio lighting techniques. When computers were still in the nascent stages, Alan Turing published his legendary paper, "Computing Machinery And Intelligence," in the Mind journal in 1950.

Black Friday 2020: The best Nest and Ring video doorbell deals right now

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Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Chances are, you'll be having a lot of packages delivered to your home over the holidays and for the foreseeable future. If you're worried about your deliveries getting swiped by "porch pirates," a smart doorbell can bring you some peace of mind. Some of the best smart doorbells we've tested are from Ring and Google Nest, and there are some great deals to be found today on those models. We've found the very best of those deals and listed them here for you.

Decision Trees in Machine Learning (ML) with Python Tutorial


This tutorial's code is available on Github and its full implementation as well on Google Colab. A decision tree is a vital and popular tool for classification and prediction problems in machine learning, statistics, data mining, and machine learning [4]. It describes rules that can be interpreted by humans and applied in a knowledge system such as databases. It classifies cases by commencing at the tree's root and passing through it unto a leaf node. A decision tree uses nodes and leaves to make a decision.