Reinforcement Learning for Spoken Dialogue Systems

Singh, Satinder P., Kearns, Michael J., Litman, Diane J., Walker, Marilyn A.

Neural Information Processing Systems 

Recently,a number of authorshave proposedtreating dialogue systems as Markov decision processes(MDPs). However,the practicalapplicationofMDP algorithms to dialogue systems faces a numberof severe technicalchallenges.We have built a general software tool (RLDS, for ReinforcementLearning for Dialogue Systems) on the MDP framework, and have applied it to dialogue corpora gatheredbased from two dialoguesystemsbuilt at AT&T Labs. Our experimentsdemonstratethat RLDS holds promise as a tool for "browsing" and understandingcorrelationsin complex, temporallydependentdialogue corpora.

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