Artificial Intelligence Could Reduce Time To Diagnose Breast Cancer - AI Summary


Google Health has teamed up with Northwestern Medicine to explore whether artificial intelligence (AI) could prioritise reviews of mammograms with a higher suspicion of breast cancer. Women whose mammograms show a higher likelihood of breast cancer might be able to be seen the same day for follow up, according to a statement from Northwestern Medicine. Dr Sarah Friedewald, associate professor of radiology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, said: "With the use of artificial intelligence, we hope to expedite the process to diagnosis of breast cancer by identifying suspicious findings on patients' screening examinations earlier than the standard of care. The Goolge-funded study builds on research conducted by Northwestern Medicine, Google Health and the NHS in 2020, which found AI screening of mammograms was as accurate as human experts. Dr Mozziyar Etemadi, research assistant professor of anesthesiology at Northwestern Medicine, added: "This study is the next step by applying the AI models in a prospective study to better understand how AI can be the most helpful for clinicians and patients in the real world."

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