GPU From Imagination Works With RISC-V - AI Summary


The activity around creating a legit graphics processor for RISC-V chip designs, an emerging competitor to x86 and ARM, is gaining steam. Special interest groups at RISC-V next year will expand the focus on extensions for shaders and advanced matrix operations, which is important for artificial intelligence and machine learning, Mark Himelstein, chief technology officer at RISC-V, told The Register. "There is no reason why you could not integrate C-series -- which is the part that has ray tracing -- with RISC-V," David Harold, chief marketing officer at Imagination, told The Register. Andes Technology, which creates RISC-V chip designs, has verified that Imagination's GPUs work with RISC-V, and so has RIOS Lab, which has David Patterson, vice chair of the Board at RISC-V Foundation, on staff. The need for a GPU on RISC-V could be fundamental as the chip architecture gains importance, Shreyas Derashri, vice president of compute at Imagination, told The Register.

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