New AI can "reimagine" your pictures in infinite ways


UK/California-based tech startup Stability AI has launched Stable Diffusion Reimagine, an image-to-image AI that generates brand new pictures inspired by one uploaded by a user -- and it's going to be open sourced. The background: 2022 saw the release of a number of impressive text-to-image AIs -- programs that can create images based on text prompts -- with one of the most popular examples being Stability AI's Stable Diffusion. A major reason for this popularity was that, unlike DALL-E 2 and most other text-to-image AIs, Stable Diffusion was open source -- users could access the code and make unique models, such as ones that only generated Pokémon or artwork in their personal style. Stability AI has now announced the release of a new tool called Stable Diffusion Reimagine; instead of generating new images based on text prompts, it creates ones inspired by uploaded images. Stable Diffusion already had a feature called "img2img" that allowed users to upload images along with a text prompt to guide the AI.

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