ETL Tool Apache Hop Graduates Incubator


Apache Hop, a metadata-driven data orchestration tool used to design and build pipelines, today emerged from incubator status and was named a Top-Level Project at the Apache Software Foundation, clearing the way for more intensive production use. Apache Hop, which stands for Hop Orchestration Platform, is a Java-based product designed to help data professionals manage a variety of data and metadata orchestration and integration needs. The software sports a visual design environment that allows users to create ETL pipelines, as well as an execution engine that can run by itself or embedded into Spark, Flink, Google Dataflow, or on AWS EMR via Apache Beam. "Hop is entirely metadata driven," it states on the Apache Hop website. "Every object type in Hop describes how data is read, manipulated or written, or how workflows and pipelines need to be orchestrated. Metadata is what drives Hop internally as well. Hop uses a kernel architecture with a robust engine. Plugins add functionality to the engine through their own metadata."

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