Neuralink has a monkey play Pong with its MIND - and it is appealing for HUMAN volunteers next

Daily Mail - Science & tech 

Elon Musk's Neuralink has shown off its latest brain implant by making a monkey play Pong with its mind, and the firm hopes to test on human volunteers next. The brain computer interface was implanted in a nine year old macaque monkey called Pager, who was first taught to play video games with a joystick. The device in his brain recorded information about the neurons firing while he played the game, learning to predict the movements he would make. Once the Neuralink device was ready the joystick was removed and the monkey was able to go on to play the game Pong purely with his brain computer interface. Musk said on Twitter: 'Soon our monkey will be on twitch & discord,' referring to the popular services where gamers stream their play for people watching at home.