Software Engineer - Machine Learning - IoT BigData Jobs


Job Description Job Description: The Perceptual Computing Group (PerC) of Intel Corporation is looking to fill the position of Machine Learning Software Engineer to work on new vision-based sensing products. As a leader in mobile depth camera technology, PerC is exploring new machine-learning based solutions for problems that have been traditionally dominated by classical computer vision techniques. In this role, the candidate will apply modern deep learning techniques to solve problems in hand and human pose estimation along with object detection and tracking. The position involves working in a highly cross-disciplinary prototyping lab alongside engineers in the domain of computer vision, robotics, and virtual reality. ResponsibilitiesApply state-of-the-art machine learning techniques and architectures to solve pose estimation and recognition problems in a variety of domains including virtual/augmented reality, robotics, and embedded computing.Build data collection and analysis tools using a variety of camera sensor data (RGB, IR, and depth).