10 tips to boost your Kaggle journey


I started my journey on Kaggle a year ago, straight after a brief acquaintance with the basics of Python and a couple of books on Machine Learning and Deep Learning. I'm still a beginner, though my Kaggle profile turned out to be the most valuable part of my portfolio which landed me on my first job in Data Science just 5 months later. Here I want to share with you a couple of things I've learned from the awesome Kaggle community during this very first year full of hard work. I know there's a bunch of great notebooks claiming to teach you from an absolute beginner, but it's still best to first build some solid foundation of theory and tech behind data science before jumping straight into the competition. There's no need to read the Deep Learning Book from cover to cover, just find some sources Kaggle makes you able to jump straight in the top 30% of literally any competition by just making a copy of the most scoring public work.

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