Microsoft Surface sales are tanking, Microsoft says


With soaring cloud revenues, plunging Windows and device revenues, and a few days into a substantial layoff, Microsoft's first-quarter results feel a bit like a quote from Dickens. The best of times: "The next major wave of computing is being born," as Microsoft reported 31 percent revenue growth in its Intelligent Cloud business, a day after Microsoft invested again in OpenAI and its chat service, ChatGPT. The worst of times: Windows OEM revenue sank 39 percent, thanks to a tanking PC market; Microsoft's Devices (Surface) revenue fell the same amount, thanks to issues launching products, reduced demand, and success a year ago. In the end, it all sort of came out in the wash, however, with net income down 12 percent to $16.4 billion and revenue sinking 2 percent to $52.7 billion. Microsoft reported $14.2 billion in revenue in More Personal Computing, its consumer business, down 19 percent, but 18 percent growth to $21.5 billion in Intelligent Cloud and 7 percent growth in Productivity and Business Processes, Microsoft's Office business.

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