How artificial intelligence in hotel systems can remodel the hospitality business


Over the last couple years, voice and text-based assistants in our pockets have become the part and parcel of our lives and now, we're at point where we are comfortable with AI controlling our homes. Given the kind of whirlwind of changes that the hospitality industry is going through, the time isn't far when we see Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in hotels used at scale. Using AI's inherent capability along with predictive analytics and natural language processing, the entire information management system is getting synchronised and highly optimised to deliver exceptional customer service. Intelligent hotel system is where all the data channels are linked together just like human arteries and veins, forming a superlative, productive and high-performance structure that resembles the future vision of automated hotel system. IoT-enabled connections of motion sensors, room control, and smart voice control are poised to change the way hotels function.

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