Machine Learning for Zombies


Multilayer Perceptrons (MLP), are complex algorithms that take a lot of compute power and a *ton* of data in order to produce satisfactory results in reasonable timeframes. Let's start with what they're not: neural networks, despite the name and every blog post and intro to machine learning text book you've probably read up till now, are not analogs of the human brain. There are some *very* surface-level similarities, but the actual functionality of a neural network has almost nothing in common with the way the neurons that make up the approximately three pounds of meat that sits between your ears and defines everything you do and how you experience reality. Just like a lot of other machine learning algorithms, they use the formula "label equals weight times data value plus offset" (or y w*x b) to define where they draw their lines/hyperplanes for making predictions. In machine learning, that slope is called a weight.)

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