Naveen Rao's MosaicML debuts with a mission to improve machine learning training - SiliconANGLE


Former Intel Corp. executives Naveen Rao and Hanlin Tang have gotten back into the startup game, announcing the launch of a new company called MosaicML today that promises to optimize machine learning. MosaicML is exiting stealth mode armed with $37 million in funding round led by Lux Capital DCVC, Future Ventures, Playground Global, AME, Correlation, E14 and a few angel investors. Rao (pictured, far left) told Reuters he's aiming to revolutionize machine learning model training by offering his company's expertise and techniques "as-a-service" to organizations looking to develop extremely complex artificial intelligence models. The company's stated mission is to help its customers and the AI community improve prediction accuracy, lower costs and save time. MosaicML will do that by providing tools that make more efficient training methods available to data scientists. The MosaicML Explorer can help developers to explore and understand the potential tradeoffs among time, performance and costs associated with different cloud services and hardware options for training machine learning models.

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