The Future Of AI: Careers In Machine Learning - AI Summary


Machine learning is a branch of data science which involves using "data science programs that can adapt based on experience," said Ben Tasker, technical program facilitator of data science and data analytics at Southern New Hampshire University. As the fields of science and engineering continue to advance, artificial intelligence is becoming "a lot less artificial and a lot more intelligent," Tasker said. Because so much about the field of data science in general and AI in particular is new, there are many opportunities to "make your own niche, especially now that many companies have started to invest in the idea of artificial intelligence," Tasker said. AI Engineer: In this role, one may be involved in the different facets of designing, developing and building artificial intelligence models using machine learning algorithms. Big Data Engineer: Overlapping with the role of a data scientist, the person in this role analyzes a company's volume of data known as "big data," and then uses the analyses to mine useful information in support of the company and its business model.

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