Bid Ops hosts virtual event with insight into the role of artificial intelligence in procurement sourcing


Among the many trends happening in procurement today, artificial intelligence and machine learning are two of the biggest topics. A recent industry conference, Bid Ops' Optimal AI event, brought professionals together to discuss the often confusing, but definitely complementary, role that AI can play in a procurement process. Bid Ops combines sourcing and artificial intelligence under one umbrella solution. By inviting hundreds of thought leaders, professionals and executives to attend the daylong virtual conference, event attendees learned about AI, sourcing and how digital transformation is taking hold in procurement today. On the other hand, there's strong data showing that AI is being rapidly adopted across the procurement industry," Edmund Zagorin, Founder and CEO of Bid Ops, said in an email to Spend Matters. "So it's confusing for a lot of procurement professionals -- is AI a meaningless buzzword or is it critical for businesses to'do more with less' and manage volatility and change?

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