Understanding Transformers, the Data Science Way - KDnuggets


Transformers have become the defacto standard for any NLP tasks nowadays. Not only that, but they are now also being used in Computer Vision and to generate music. I am sure you would all have heard about the GPT3 Transformer and its applications thereof. But all these things aside, they are still hard to understand as ever. It has taken me multiple readings through the Google research paper that first introduced transformers along with just so many blog posts to really understand how a transformer works. So, I thought of putting the whole idea down in as simple words as possible along with some very basic Math and some puns as I am a proponent of having some fun while learning. I will try to keep both the jargon and the technicality to a minimum, yet it is such a topic that I could only do so much. And my goal is to make the reader understand even the goriest details of Transformer by the end of this post. Also, this is officially my longest post both in terms of time taken to write it as well as the length of the post. Hence, I will advise you to Grab A Coffee.

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