Top programming language for data science: Python still rules, followed by SQL


Data science and machine learning professionals have driven adoption of the Python programming language, but data science and machine learning are still lacking key tools in business and has room to grow before becoming essential for decision-making, according to Anaconda, the maker of a data science distribution of Python. Python could soon be the most popular programming language, battling it out for top spot with JavaScript, Java and C, depending on which language ranking you look at. But while Python adoption is booming, the fields that are driving it -- data science and machine learning -- are still in their infancy. Most respondents (63%) said they used Python frequently or always while 71% of educators said they're teaching machine learning and data science with Python, which has become popular because of its ease of use and easy learning curve. An impressive 88% of students said they were being taught Python in preparation to enter the data science/machine learning field.

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