IT Leaders Consider Security Tech a Part of Business Transformation


With new threats disrupting business operations and an increasingly strict regulatory environment, security is no longer a risk mitigation activity or a growth inhibitor. Rather, information security is increasingly being viewed as strategic business enabler for the enterprise. That is evident in IDG's 2022 State of the CIO Survey, where IT leaders and line of business (LOB) executives were asked which technologies they expected to have the greatest effect on how their company functions over the next few years. While the respondents list the usual suspects – big data/analytics, AI/machine learning, and cloud infrastructure – in the top 3, 19% say identity and access management has the most potential to significantly impact business operations. In a distributed world, identity and access management (IAM) is instrumental in managing security in a cloud-based world, which makes its placement between cloud infrastructure and cloud databases (picked by 17% of respondents) appropriate.

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