DeepMind's AI can now crush almost every human player in StarCraft 2


DeepMind's artificial intelligence platforms have become legendary for their ability to master complex games like chess, shogi and Go, crushing our puny human brains with advanced machine learning techniques. Earlier this year a new version of the AI built for real-time strategy game StarCraft II, dubbed AlphaStar, was unveiled and carried on DeepMind's tradition of putting humans to shame, trampling some of the top human StarCraft II players in the world. On Wednesday, the DeepMind team published a new study of AlphaStar in the journal Nature, detailing just how far AlphaStar has come. And folks, it's bad news for any up-and-coming StarCraft II stars: The AI is now classed as a Grandmaster, which means it can beat 99.8% of all human players. Why would researchers build an AI for a niche video game title and what can it teach us about artificial intelligence and machine learning?

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