Exploring deep neural networks via layer-peeled model: Minority collapse in imbalanced training


The remarkable development of deep learning over the past decade relies heavily on sophisticated heuristics and tricks. To better exploit its potential in the coming decade, perhaps a rigorous framework for reasoning about deep learning is needed, which, however, is not easy to build due to the intricate details of neural networks. For near-term purposes, a practical alternative is to develop a mathematically tractable surrogate model, yet maintaining many characteristics of neural networks. This paper proposes a model of this kind that we term the Layer-Peeled Model. The effectiveness of this model is evidenced by, among others, its ability to reproduce a known empirical pattern and to predict a hitherto-unknown phenomenon when training deep-learning models on imbalanced datasets. All study data are included in the article and/or supporting information. Our code is publicly available at GitHub ().

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