Heartbeat Anomaly Detection


According to a report of WHO, around 17.9 million people die each year due to Cardiovascular Diseases.Over the years it has been found that these deaths can be prevented if the diseases are diagnosed at an early stage and even the disease can be cured. Artificial Intelligence has been applied in various fields and one of them is AI for healthcare.We have seen AI practitioners coming up with solution for various disease diagnosis such as Cancer Detection, Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy and much more.The techniques used in these detections mostly involve Deep Learning. So, by combining our knowledge of deep learning and with its integration Iot we can develop a smart digital-stethoscope which can help in diagnosing anomalies in heartbeat in real-time and can help in classifying Cardio-diseases. While working in cAInvas one of its key features is UseCases Gallary.When working on any of its UseCases you don't have to look for data manually.As they have the feature to import your dataset to your workspace when you work on them.To load the data we just have to enter the following commands: As with all unstructured data formats, audio data has a couple of preprocessing steps which have to be followed before it is presented for analysis. Another way of representing audio data is by converting it into a different domain of data representation, namely the frequency domain.

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