Will I be replaced by chatGPT?. Will I be replaced by chatGPT?


TL;DR: If you have expertise and vision in your field, possess a keen sense of judgment, and embrace AI as a tool to increase productivity, your job should be safe. Like the invention of the camera, an artist with a great mind and taste still thrives. And also as the old saying, you cannot beat the market if you just follow the crowd. Some jobs may become obsolete with the advent of new technologies, however, it's important to remember that these models have limitations and are not capable of all forms of logical deduction or induction. While some researchers are actively working on areas where ChatGPT may fall short, such as reasoning and multimodal capabilities, this shouldn't be the sole reason to feel safe in your job. It's possible that a model could outperform a human in certain areas of reasoning today, and even solve complex problems like the Riemann Hypothesis in the future.

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