Artificial Intelligence Powered Virtual Events Are Here To Stay


Since the time coronavirus gripped our lives, artificial intelligence has played a key role in facilitating the work-from-home and also the leisure-from-home culture. From online meetings, virtual events, press releases, product launches, and client conferences, AI made sure we stayed sane in the most uncertain times. In a way, businesses took the most hit and stole all the spotlight when technology proved to be the savior for not just businesses but also governments by helping everyone stay connected. Online events, conferences, and webinars continued to become increasingly popular with businesses and the general public rapidly adopting collaboration tools like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. 2020 brought the focus on online event platforms to organize, plan, and execute virtual meetings, exhibitions, and whatnot. Though this was an emergency last resort, it proved to be effective, more than traditional methods in some ways as it added value like cost savings, measurable ROI, and quick audience insights.