Artificial Intelligence Upskills Software via Mathematics - ASME


Fusing artificial intelligence with mathematical optimization will dramatically increase the "brainpower" for the task at hand, whether it's optimizing flight patterns or bringing energy and food to underserved areas. That's the word from the academic researchers who are part of a new interdisciplinary institute that aims to integrate the two fields. The National AI Institute for Advances in Optimization (AI4OPT) is led by a multidisciplinary team from six U.S. universities, including computer science and civil, environmental, electrical, and computer engineering professors. The combined methods will foster no less than a "paradigm shift" in optimization, said Pascal Van Hentenryck, professor of industrial and systems engineering at Georgia Tech and institute lead. According to Hentenryck, tackling problems at the scale and complexity faced by society today requires a fusion of optimization and machine learning, with the two technologies working hand-in-hand.