1More Dual Driver ANC Pro Wireless review: This in-ear headphone has a split personality, but great phone skills


The company's Stylish True Wireless is my go-to IEH for the gym and walks around the neighborhood, and I gave the Triple Driver IEH a rating of 5--the only such rating I've given to date--in my review of three wired models from 1More. So, it should come as no surprise that I was excited to review 1More's latest offering, the Dual Driver ANC Pro wireless IEH. Its form factor is similar to several of the company's models but different than the other wireless IEHs I've tried. I really like the form factor, but sound quality is most important, and the Dual Driver ANC Pro is something of a split personality in that regard. The Dual Driver ANC Pro consists of a flexible, silicone-covered neckband with thin wires emerging from both ends that connect to the earpieces. The back of the earpieces are magnetic, so they clasp together to form a necklace for convenient, safe storage when not in use.

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