The AI workplace and ArcGIS Deep Learning Workflow


Welcome to part 4 of my AI and GeoAI Series that will cover the more technical aspects of GeoAI and ArcGIS. Previously, part 1 of this series covered the Future Impacts of AI on Mapping and Modernization which introduced the concept of GeoAI and why you should care about having an AI as a future coworker. Part 2 of the series, GIS, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation in the Workplace covered specific geospatial professions that will be drastically effected by introduction of GeoAI technology in the workplace. Part 3 addressed Teaming with the Machine - AI in the workplace the emergence of the new geospatial working relationship between information, humans, and artificial intelligence to be successful in an organizations mission. For part 4, we will address 3 specific GeoAI areas in ArcGIS that will help you with your journey to developing your Deep Learning workflows.

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