Pandemic babies higher risk for developmental delays, but don't blame the virus, researchers say

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Dr. Henderson Lewis Jr. explains the reasoning behind a vaccine mandate for students ages 5 and up on'America Reports.' COVID-19 during pregnancy surprisingly did not increase the chance of babies' neurodevelopmental delay, although those born during the pandemic were associated with higher neurodevelopmental delays compared to those born prior to the pandemic, according to a recent JAMA Pediatrics study. Columbia University Irving Medical Center established a prospective cohort study called COVID-19 Mother Baby Outcomes (COMBO) Initiative in the spring of 2020 to study the associations between the exposure of the virus while the baby is still in the mother's womb with the well-being of the baby. The researchers studied a cohort of infants who were exposed to COVID-19 during pregnancy and compared them to a control group of similar gestational age at birth, birthday, sex, and mode of delivery who were not exposed to the virus. Whether or not kids should be required to wear masks has been a polarizing topic thorough the COVID-19 pandemic. "Infants born to mothers who have viral infections during pregnancy have a higher risk of neurodevelopmental deficits, so we thought we would find some changes in the neurodevelopment of babies whose mothers had COVID during pregnancy," said lead investigator Dr. Dani Dumitriu.

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