This $4 Mac app extracts text from images and videos for you


If you've ever gone through the painstaking process of transcribing text from a video, or begrudgingly typing up the copy from an image, you know the struggle. Not only is this a tedious activity, also it's prone to human error and a total time waster, to boot. Leave the manual work behind and join the thousands of Mac users who simplify their workflows with TextSniper, on sale now for just $4. TextSniper's optical character recognition (OCR) software works fast to detect any text from your screen, whether that's screenshots, images, videos, PDFs or digital documents. Instead of pouring over, say, a video, you'll be able to instantly convert that speech into text. Then, you're a simple copy-and-paste away from dropping the content into your notes, messaging app and anywhere else you please.

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