Two-Stage Deep Neural Network via Ensemble Learning for Melanoma Classification


Melanoma is a skin disease with a high fatality rate. Early diagnosis of melanoma can effectively increase the survival rate of patients. There are three types of dermoscopy images, malignant melanoma, benign nevis, and seborrheic keratosis, so using dermoscopy images to classify melanoma is an indispensable task in diagnosis. However, early melanoma classification works can only use the low-level information of images, so the melanoma cannot be classified efficiently; the recent deep learning methods mainly depend on a single network, although it can extract high-level features, the poor scale and type of the features limited the results of the classification. Therefore, we need an automatic classification method for melanoma, which can make full use of the rich and deep feature information of images for classification. In this study, we propose an ensemble method that can integrate different types of classification networks for melanoma classification. Specifically, we first use U-net to segment the lesion area of images to generate a lesion mask, thus resize images to focus on the lesion; then, we use five excellent classification models to classify dermoscopy images, and adding squeeze-excitation block (SE block) to models to emphasize the more informative features; finally, we use our proposed new ensemble network to integrate five different classification results. The experimental results prove the validity of our results. We test our method on the ISIC 2017 challeng...

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