Nest debuts 'Nest Cam Outdoor' alongside new app & 'Person Alerts' feature - Artificial Intelligence Online


Today Alphabet-owned Nest is launching its latest product with the debut of the previously rumored Nest Cam Outdoor, as well as a redesigned app and new features. The most notable enhancement over the original, indoor-only version of Nest Cam is necessary weatherproofing for outdoor use. With a brand new, completely weatherproof industrial design created for permanent outdoor use, Nest Cam Outdoor extends security outside the home… The weatherproof design of Nest Cam Outdoor meets the demands of a broad range of temperatures and conditions faced by outdoor cameras. There's a 1080P HD camera that gives you a 130 view and night vision via 8 built-in infrared LEDs, and a built-in speaker and microphone for talking to those outside your home. The camera has a magnetic base that Nest says is for ultimate adjustability for viewing angles, but it also means someone can technically remove the camera from the base screwed into your wall.

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