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PEEZMO AI 21 NFT Collection


PEEZMO AI 21 is a NFT collection of 4.000 unique NFTs -- created by a super advanced self learning Artificial Intelligence. The Machine is creating art through human emotions and serves the own smart contract with a new fresh digital high quality collage every hour until the end of 2021. PEEZMO AI 21 is HOLISTIC MAINSTREAM ART. It creates a digital collage art based on synthetic feelings. The Machine is in a constant learning process, comparable to a good bottle of wine which is tasting better by maturing over time.

New FinTech Innovations that Will Change How Clients View Wealth Management – FINCHANNEL


Innovations within FinTech are causing major changes to the dynamic between clients and wealth management providers. With technology as a driving force behind industry changes, understanding how client perspectives are shifting is crucial. For the wealth management sector, there are three key innovations that institutions need to be paying close attention to. These are artificial intelligence, open banking, and agile distribution. Understanding these will be the foundation for meeting new customer demands in the coming years.

AI strawberries and blockchain chicken: how digital agriculture could rescue global food security


In May 2020, with technical support from the UN FAO, China Agricultural University and Chinese e-commerce platform Pinduoduo hosted a "smart agriculture competition". Three teams of top strawberry growers – the Traditional teams – and four teams of scientific AI experts – the Technology teams – took part in a strawberry-growing competition in the province of Yunnan, China, billed as an agricultural version of the historical match between a human Go player and Google's DeepMind AI. At the beginning, the Traditional teams were expected to draw best practices from their collective planting and agricultural experience. And they did – for a while. They led in efficient production for a few months before the Technology teams gradually caught up, employing internet-enabled devices (such as intelligent sensors), data analysis and fully digital greenhouse automation.

Tech Trends to Look Out for in 2021 - EasternEye


The pace at which technology is continuously evolving is unprecedented. Each and every day seemingly brings with it some new and exciting thing to be excited about in the world of tech. Fresh off a year that saw the world retreat indoors in an effort to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, much of society grew more reliant and more accepting of technology as a whole. Technology played a big role in various aspects of everyday life such as communication, data transfer, analysis, and even entertainment. More than that, in the age of digital information, a smart device is being placed in the hands of someone new every single day.

Will AI risk analysis really expand access to credit in Africa?


Traditionally, African lenders use credit bureau scores, assessing, for instance, if a customer has a history of missed credit card payments. When no history exists, they evaluate social demographics: is the customer female – in which case they are likelier to repay – do they work in a stable job market and can they prove a regular income? But this can put those who are unbanked or informally employed at a disadvantage. Michele Tucci, chief product officer at fintech company Credolab said: "African lenders lack data to make good credit decisions and social demographic data can bring you only so far." He estimates that African lenders cannot obtain credit bureau scores for 70% of customers and simply reject them.

Using Artificial Intelligence for Emergency Management Services


There is a rise in the number of natural disasters happening all over the world. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there were 16 natural disasters in 2017. The cost of all the damages is in the billions. The amount of destruction they cause is devastating and it has left many of us wondering what more can be done. Unfortunately, we don't have control over what nature decides to do but we can work on improving our emergency management services.

Cybereum Newsletter Vol-4


The energy consumption from crypto mining has been increasingly exponentially with the increasing adoption of crypto. This increasing becoming of concern as it should be. Large parts of the world suffer from energy deprivation due to unaffordability and inadequate energy generation. At the same time climate change goals will require the world to reduce net emission much of which is produced from electricity generation. Supporting the world's growth and generating the and while reducing emissions when large populations suffer from energy deficiency is a very difficult issue requires trillions is capital over the coming 2 decades.

Nvidia Stock's Surge Makes Chip Maker 10th-Biggest U.S. Listed Company WSJD - Technology

The post-pandemic boom in the semiconductor business has powered Nvidia Corp. into the top 10 U.S. public companies, joining the likes of Apple Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. Shares of the Santa Clara, Calif., firm have risen nearly 80% over the past year, giving it a market value of around $453 billion. That is more than rivals Intel Corp. and Broadcom Inc. combined. Nvidia makes processors that power gaming and cryptocurrency mining. Chip shares have risen in part thanks to a pandemic-induced global shortage of semiconductors that has driven up the prices of everything from laptops to automobiles.

Why Not Use Self-Driving Cars as Supercomputers?


Like Dogecoin devotees, the mayor of Reno, and the leaders of El Salvador, Aldo Baoicchi is convinced cryptocurrency is the future. The CEO and founder of Canadian scooter maker Daymak believes this so strongly that when he unveiled the company's first autonomous car last month, the 2023 Spiritus, he touted a bonus feature: the ability to mine cryptocurrency when the car is parked. Baiocchi told WIRED the company is still developing software for this purpose, but designers want cryptomining for car owners to be as simple as pressing a button. He says solar power on the roof of the three-wheeled electric car should help offset the energy consumption of mining Bitcoin. "We have the equipment in the car. We figure we might as well mine and make some money for the rider," he said.

Technion Ranks Number 1 In Europe For Artificial Intelligence


The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel's top university for science and technology, has been ranked number one in Europe, and number 15 worldwide, in the field of artificial intelligence by CSRankings. The rankings considered data from 2016 to 2021, including metrics like computer vision and natural web processing. As opposed to many university rankings that are survey-based, CSRankings measures each department based on how many publications by faculty appear at the most prestigious computer science conferences. This approach incentivizes faculty to publish at top venues and requires a built-in judgment of the research. The Technion has 46 researchers engaged in core AI fields and more than 100 researchers in related fields, such as health and medicine, autonomous vehicle, cybersecurity, and fintech.