Internet of Things

Newcastle smart city moves forward with standardised data platform


The City of Newcastle has signed up to a single smart cities Internet of Things (IoT) enterprise platform from the National Narrowband Network Company (NNNCo), the company has announced. "The city standardised on the middleware platform as it prepares to roll out and scale multiple smart city applications," NNNCo said. "The deal between NNNCo and Newcastle City Council includes an agreement to run thousands of IoT devices through the platform for multiple city use cases." As part of the Newcastle City Intelligent Platform implementation, NNNCo will also provide its N-tick device certification program across all devices being deployed across the city. NNNCo CEO Rob Zagarella called the use of one platform and device certification program for an entire city a "breakthrough in the IoT market".

Vivint's Outdoor Camera Pro can detect someone casing your home


Vivint Smart Home has announced the Outdoor Camera Pro, a new security camera that it says can detect a potential intruder and warn them they are being watched, encouraging them to leave the area. If the camera detects someone hanging around a monitored area, it sounds a warning tone, turns on a red LED encircling the camera's lens, and sends a push notification to your smartphone. You can customize the schedule when lurker monitoring is active, so you're not overwhelmed with alerts. Like the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, Vivint's new outdoor camera is outfitted with a 4K HDR image sensor, but both cameras have lower bandwidth requirements than the new Arlo Ultra 4K camera because they stream video in 1080p resolution. The advantage of using a higher-resolution image sensor comes into play when you zoom the recorded footage to examine details, such as facial features or to read a car's license plate.

Ten trends shaping the Internet of Things business landscape


As we've worked with clients on Internet of Things (IoT) projects over the past year, we've noticed ten trends shaping the industry that we expect to continue in 2019. In the past, IoT has often been viewed as mostly a technology challenge, and we've found that a company's CIO is most frequently the leader of its IoT efforts. But we see time and again that maximizing the economic impact of an IoT effort requires a broad set of changes to business practices as well. Connecting a wind turbine to the Internet, for example, means that it can send data to managers about when it needs to be serviced or that an optimization opportunity exists. But if the necessary management and maintenance business processes are not in place--for example, the supply chain isn't able to deliver a replacement part--then the benefits can't be realized.

Tech companies still care more about AI and IoT than blockchain


Blockchain might be the hot buzzword of the moment, but according to new research, it's being bested by the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). A recent survey conducted by identity management cloud software provider, Okta, found that digital firms are investing in AI and Internet-of-Things over blockchain, Cointelegraph reports. The survey questioned 1,050 IT, security, and engineering decision makers at $1 billion firms. They were asked if their company invests in either AI, augmented reality, blockchain, or Internet-of-Things as part of their "digital transformation strategy." Decision makers were surveyed between January and February this year.

Microsoft and BMW: We can help you build a smart factory with the cloud, robots, and IoT


Microsoft and BMW want to make it easier for manufacturers to build smart factories that harness the Industrial Internet of Things and cloud computing. BMW's own IoT platform currently connects over 3,000 machines, robots and autonomous transport systems and is built on Microsoft's Azure cloud computing service. The two companies are working on what they are calling the Open Manufacturing Platform (OMP), which they said will create an open technology framework that will support the development of smart factory offerings, and want automotive companies and other manufacturers to sign up. The companies said that manufacturers can be hindered by proprietary systems that create data silos. Microsoft said the idea of OMP is to offer a reference architecture with open-source components based on open industrial standards and an open data model, although it will all be built on Microsoft's Azure industrial IoT cloud platform.

IoT and cloud computing: AWS and Volkswagen have a grand plan to connect up factories


The world's biggest carmaker Volkswagen has said it will use cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to connect and manage its manufacturing plants and supply chain. Infrastructure around the world is being linked together via sensors, machine learning and analytics. We examine the rise of the digital twin, the new leaders in industrial IoT (IIoT) and case studies that highlight the lessons learned from production IIoT deployments. The two companies said they have signed a multi-year deal to build what they are calling the'Volkswagen Industrial Cloud', which will manage the automotive giant's manufacturing and logistics. The aims of the project are to increase plant efficiency and uptime, improve production flexibility, and increase vehicle quality.

Get 2 smart plugs on sale for less than $30 — and an instant smart home upgrade


Everyone is ready to turn their house or apartment into the smart home of the future. A smart home promises the convenience of turning on your coffee maker while still in bed, or switching on a lamp that's just out of arm's reach. If you're ready to leave the Dark Ages behind, there's a special offer on TP-Link smart plugs to push your home into the future. We are loving this Walmart Rollback on a TP-Link Kasa WiFi Smart Plug 2-Pack for $29.97. That's currently less than the TP-Link smart plug options available at Amazon, and with two plugs you get a great deal on a starter pack for your most important electronics (one of which should definitely be your coffee maker).

Buy an Echo Dot and get a free smart plug


We know that the Amazon Echo has the ability to control smart home features, but what good does that do if you don't have any smart home devices? Right now, when you buy a third generation Echo Dot you can either get an Amazon Smart Plug for free or a Sengled smart bulb kit for $20 (the full-priced kit costs $52). Add voice control to any outlet in your home with the Echo Dot and Amazon Smart Plug -- use the device to schedule lights, fans, and appliances to turn on and off automatically. Though the smart plug connects with Alexa, you don't need to be within speaking range to control it. You can access the plug from anywhere with the Alexa app, meaning you can control your plugged-in devices remotely while you're away.

A New Wave of Brainy Bikes Do Everything but Ride Themselves


The top of Monarch Crest trail outside Salida, Colorado, provides a stunning view, a 360-degree vista of the Continental Divide and the 14,000-foot Collegiate Peaks towering to the north. But as I clip into my mountain bike's pedals, I've got more than selfies on my mind. I flip open the compression damping switches on my suspension fork and rear shock. I lower my telescoping "dropper" seat post to move the saddle out of the way. I shift to a sprocket in the middle of the gearing range to keep chain tension high.

The $140 smart home device that lets you create custom scents to match your mood

Daily Mail

There are a lot of things to love about Moodo. After checking it out at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, I was able to try out the device in my own home a few months later and put it to the real test - an apartment with roommates and multiple pets, including two cats and three ferrets. Setup was simple and straightforward, which is ideal with a device that's geared toward the average consumer. It was as easy as plugging in and connecting to the wifi. I love that each scent quadrant is adjustable - you can ramp up Divine Rose, for example, so it becomes the dominant smell, while still holding onto hints of the other scents.