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As a digital strategist, one question I'm asked all the time is "How do we deliver better user experiences?" I always answer with a question: "What are you doing today?" Most often, they'll respond, "Well, we recently updated our UI design with new design assets (e.g. Most organizations still think a better user experience is achieved simply by improving the look and feel of their applications (web, mobile, social media). But this is just one small part of the equation.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite AR game touted as next Pokémon Go but release date remains a mystery

The Independent

Details about the highly anticipated augmented reality (AR) game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, have been revealed by the makers, who also created Pokémon Go. Developer Niantic partnered with Warner Brothers Interactive to make the Harry Potter game, using its AR expertise to bring wizards and mythical beasts into the real world. Images of the gameplay and several teaser videos were shared through the game's website, although its release date was not revealed. We'll tell you what's true. You can form your own view.

Former Facebook VR boss wins contract for Pentagon's controversial 'Project Maven' AI program

Daily Mail

Facebook's former virtual reality head is leading a new Silicon Valley startup that has won a contract to support the Pentagon's controversial'Project Maven' program, according to The Intercept. The startup, called Anduril Industries, is led by Palmer Luckey, the 26-year-old founder of Facebook's virtual reality unit Oculus. Project Maven, which seeks to incorporate AI technology on the battlefield, first attracted the attention of Google, but the firm later backed out of its contract after worldwide upheaval from its employees. Palmer Luckey (pictured), Facebook's former virtual reality head, is leading a new Silicon Valley startup that has won a contract to support the Pentagon's Project Maven program Palmer Luckey hit headlines last March after being jettisoned from Oculus, the VR company he helped found and sold to Facebook. In September 2016, it emerged that he secretly funded a pro-Donald Trump group that mocked Hillary Clinton online, during the US presidential race.

Accenture to Deliver 2017 RBS 6 Nations Insights to Fans via Machine Learning


Accenture to Deliver 2017 RBS 6 Nations Insights to Fans via Machine Learning Official Technology Partner continues to innovate around fan experience, including new VR-based mixed reality experience demonstration LONDON; Jan. 23, 2017 – Accenture (NYSE: ACN), the Official Technology Partner of the RBS 6 Nations Rugby Championship for the sixth year, is bringing machine learning to international rugby. Its latest analytics dashboard will deliver improved player, match and Championship insight, which 20,000 people accessed via Twitter last year. Accenture has also developed an innovative mixed reality application for the Championship, using Virtual Reality (VR), with a twist. The one-person immersive VR experience is sharable, and broadcast as live action for others to watch. Insights from the dashboard will be fed to the Accenture Analysis Team, made up of former players and coaches.

Google reveals AI tricks behind new augmented reality animations


The animated masks, glasses, and hats that apps like YouTube Stories overlay on faces are pretty nifty, but how on earth do they look so realistic? Well, thanks to a deep dive published this morning by Google's AI research division, it's less of a mystery than before. In the blog post, engineers at the Mountain View company describe the AI tech at the core of Stories and ARCore's Augmented Faces API, which they say can simulate light reflections, model face occlusions, model specular reflection, and more -- all in real time with a single camera. "One of the key challenges in making these AR features possible is proper anchoring of the virtual content to the real world," Google AI's Artsiom Ablavatski and Ivan Grishchenko explain, adding "a process that requires a unique set of perceptive technologies able to track the highly dynamic surface geometry across every smile, frown, or smirk." Google's augmented reality (AR) pipeline, which taps TensorFlow Lite -- a lightweight, mobile, and embedded implementation of Google's TensorFlow machine learning framework -- for hardware-accelerated processing where available, comprises two neural networks (i.e., layers of math functions modeled after biological neurons).

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Artificial intelligence pinpoints areas of opportunity and delivers personal insights that solve complex business problems and drive innovation. At Cognizant, we're helping businesses engage and interact more effectively with their customers, with insightful, personalized user interactions that drive loyalty, revenue and growth. Whether a company is experiencing overall business growth, or seasonal, temporary growth, Cognizant's AI predictive and scalable platform allows businesses to respond quickly and smoothly to changes in the market. We're helping our clients create integrated, personalized user experiences to both engage and influence their customers. Imagine what AI can do for you.

For AI To Be Most Effective For Your Company, It Takes The Right People


From augmented reality for onboarding to single sign-in on unified engagement platforms, human resources departments are tasked today with highly complex technology business decisions that will map out their organizations' futures. The outcomes of these decisions could either secure their positions on the Fortune 500 list for years to come or put them at risk of vanishing from the business enterprise landscape. When organizations struggle with identifying what drives best-optimized performance, they closely examine their organizational structure and often go through restructuring exercises by switching operating models: applying the centralized model and, a few years after, switching to the decentralized model, then going to a matrix organizational structure, back to centralized, and so on and so on. My company, JobDiva, focuses on securing top talent though artificial intelligence (AI)-powered automation, and our data shows that the structure is not as critical as the people and their drive to accomplish their organizational and personal goals. Hense, the focus on finding "fit for purpose" and greater emphasis on transforming human resources (HR), not for HR itself but for the enterprise.

Nintendo Labo Gets a Cheap VR Kit


This week's videogame news includes a, um, battle royale between Fortnite and Apex Legends, another weird gaffe by Steam, and Nintendo sneaking a big surprise into an unassuming package. The cardboard thing, where you could build little models and robots and stuff and animate them with the Switch? It was part Lego robotics kit, part mini-game generator, and it was a fascinating experiment on the part of Nintendo. It was pretty kid-friendly, to boot! Well now, it's gonna do VR. The main VR kit will cost $80 and will feature VR goggles as well as several cardboard kits to build, while a $40 set will feature the goggles with only one kit, a blaster.

Nintendo Switch VR: New Labo kit allows console to get virtual reality with cardboard headset

The Independent

Nintendo has launched a virtual reality kit for the Switch – and it is made out of cardboard. The new Labo releases is part of a series of cardboard kits, which include other products such as a cardboard kit that turns its wearer into a robot. Nintendo was one of the pioneers of VR in gaming: its Virtual Boy, launched in 1995, was pioneering but roundly derided by critics and shut down four years later amid commercial failure. It has not entered the market again in the 20 years since, but rumours have spread since before the Switch was even released that it could be perfect for virtual reality, if its display was slotted into a headset. We'll tell you what's true.

Googler Explains Usability and User Experience Ranking Factors - Search Engine Journal


Webmaster Hangouts debuted a bilingual Telugu and English version. I have watched it and was impressed with the quality of information about content that ranks, the so-called medic update and a discussion of soft ranking factors. There is a wealth of quality information shared. I may be writing more about what's in that Webmaster Hangout but you should really take the time to view the entire hangout because there is a lot of quality information spoken in English, plus subtitles in the form of Closed Captioning should you need it to follow along. For example, one person asked how important was usability and user experience as ranking factors.