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Keep tabs on your home with these Eufy home security deals


Here are the best deals on Eufy home security cameras and video doorbells as of Jan. 19: Even if you're home all day, it's good to see who's at your doorstep, whether it's a neighbor coming over with a question or delivery man bringing the package you've been waiting on. By adding a video doorbell or security cam to your smart home arsenal, you'll be fully in-the-know on who comes to your front porch, before they even ring the doorbell. Plus, just in case something suspicious is going on in the neighborhood, you'll have backed up video footage that'll ensure your safety. Eufy has video doorbells and indoor security cameras on sale for up to 27% off as of Jan. 19. These products will keep you in-the-know and keep your family safe.

Love in the time of algorithms: would you let your artificial intelligence choose your partner?


It could be argued artificial intelligence (AI) is already the indispensable tool of the 21st century. From helping doctors diagnose and treat patients to rapidly advancing new drug discoveries, it's our trusted partner in so many ways. Now it has found its way into the once exclusively-human domain of love and relationships. With AI-systems as matchmakers, in the coming decades it may become common to date a personalised avatar. This was explored in the 2014 movie "Her", in which a writer living in near-future Los Angeles develops affection for an AI system. The sci-fi film won an Academy Award for depicting what seemed like a highly unconventional love story.

Presenting the Best of CES 2021 finalists!


We'll admit, we weren't entirely sure what to expect when we agreed to judge the annual Best of CES Awards without an in-person show. How many companies would show up to an online-only show? What would we lose without being able to wander the halls of a massive convention center and see the products up close? As it turns out, we needn't have worried. More than 1,900 brands, big and small, turned up this year, according to the Consumer Technology Association, the industry group that organizes the show each year. What's more, many companies found socially distant ways to show us their latest and greatest in person, ahead of the show. In the end, we had enough fodder for 14 categories covering hardware and services in every sector from home theater to transportation to accessibility tech. We'll announce the winners tomorrow at 4:30pm ET during a ceremony on our virtual stage, which we'll livestream to We're also continuing tradition and opening up voting for our People's Choice Award -- our reader poll is live now and closes tomorrow, ahead of the ceremony. Please be sure to vote, and congrats to all of the finalists! The technology underpinning the Mudra Band might seem fanciful: sensors capture neural electrical impulses in the wrist and map them onto specific movements like a swipe or a tap, essentially letting you control an Apple Watch with subtle finger movements on one hand. There's no doubt the benefit of convenience -- you can operate your watch when your hands are wet or dirty, for instance.'s touchless video doorbell is built for the COVID era


Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people have turned to delivery services to get food and other essential items. If you own a video doorbell, that means it's probably got a lot of use and become a hotbed for germs and the virus. So it was only a matter of time before a company developed a solution to that problem. announced a new doorbell today. The company claims it's the first commercially available video doorbell you can activate without touching the device itself. If you're visiting someone with a Touchless Video Doorbell, all you have to do to ring the chime is move into a virtual ground zone defined by the homeowner.

LG's 2021 TVs ship with Google Stadia and a game optimizer


LG has revealed that its 2021 TVs will include a Game Optimizer that fine-tunes the picture for consoles and PCs. The feature gives you quick access to tweaks you'd be likely to use, such as lag reduction and variable refresh rate, but also reflects LG's focus on AI. You can not only enable AI-based game sound tuning, but even optimize the image for specific game genres -- LG will adjust for a first-person shooter, role-playing game or even a real-time strategy title. The TVs will also include more gaming-friendly apps. They'll now include Google Stadia out of the box, making cloud gaming that much easier.

LG brightens its OLEDs, teases new TVs for CES

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CES 2021 is a virtual affair this year, but the world's biggest tech companies are still taking bringing their best and brightest to the bear. For its part, LG today announced the next "evolution" in OLED TVs, currently the hottest display technology on the market. Get a sneak peak at the latest trends and have product recommendations delivered straight to your phone. Sign up for text message alerts from the experts at Reviewed. During its press event for CES 2021's Media Day, LG unveiled a bevy of exciting home theater upgrades, not the least of which is "OLED evo," the current moniker for LG's upgraded and improved lineup of 2021 OLED TVs.

CES 2021 Innovation Awards: Winners and trends


Each year, CES runs an extensive programme of innovation awards, calling out a subset of the thousands of products on show for excellence in engineering, aesthetics and design, uniqueness, the innovation they bring to the consumer market, and more. There are two levels of recognition: 'Honorees' are products that score above the threshold for a given category, while'Best of Innovation' is reserved for the highest-rated product(s) in each category (see the CES website for more details on the judging process and expert panel). As usual, there's a diverse range of products on view, from the mainstream (AMD's Ryzen 5000 desktop processors, Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 smartphones, for example) to the highly specialised (E2IP Technologies' Electromagnetic Engineered Surfaces that reflect/redirect/block specific radiofrequency waves, John Deere's X-Series robotic combine harvester, for example). The latter uses voxel-based graphics rendering to capture a person's physical appearance, convert it to digital and create live 3D holograms viewable with VR/AR headsets. Use cases include remote collaboration, gaming, telehealth, online education and live entertainment.

Killing Zero Latency's VR zombies is even more fun with family


She thinks they're too complicated and loud to be any fun, which is fair. Yet when I took her to free-roaming virtual reality venue Zero Latency she was immediately immersed in mowing down enemies, shouting in a mix of amazed joy and confused panic. He was right in front of me! Go away you sickos!" It seems that if you want to make someone understand the fun of video games, basically putting them inside one is a pretty good place to start. Launched in Melbourne, Australia in 2015, Zero Latency lets you strap on a headset and backpack, grab a gun controller, and physically explore a virtual world with up to seven friends.

This gesture-sensing band could make the Apple Watch more accessible


We often think of touchscreen displays as one of the more accessible ways to interact with our gadgets. But a variety of physical and cognitive disabilities, including conditions like ALS, can make even using a touchscreen nearly impossible. Enter a recent CES 2021 Innovation Award honoree called the Mudra Band. The concept is similar to the Myo armband North (back when it was known as Thalmic) released before it pivoted to focus on its Focals smart glasses. Working in conjunction with an Apple Watch, the Mudra Band uses a sensor to detect electrical signals sent by your brain to your fingers.

Panasonic's latest OLED TV offers gaming upgrades and AI tuning


How does Panasonic stand out in a crowded TV market? The electronics giant has unveiled its 2021 flagship OLED TV, the JZ2000, and its centerpiece is an HCX Pro AI Processor that not only improves picture quality (more on that in a moment), but delivers a big boost to gaming performance. The 4K set promises some of the "very lowest" latency you'll find in an OLED TV, Panasonic says, and that's reportedly due to the company's customization rather than the panel alone. A new Game Mode Extreme setting will cut lag, optimize the picture and support HDMI 2.1's variable refresh rate and high refresh rate options. It might be ideal for a living room PC, too, thanks to HDMI Signal Power Link support that helps computers and old set-top boxes talk to CEC-equipped devices.