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Online retailers face a whole host of relatively unique search engine optimization (SEO) considerations most other websites don't deal with. Most discussions about those differences focus on issues such as tags, uniform resource locators (URLs), link structure, duplicate content and so on. In this post, I want to zoom out a bit and start talking about strategic approaches. I've decided to focus specifically on three factors that deserve special attention in developing an SEO strategy for online retailers: keyword research, mobile crawling and customer reviews. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I believe it's a useful starting point.

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming SEO RankWatch Blog


Rank Watch is a toolset for SEO professionals that provides Internet marketing tools for search engine optimization ("SEO") social media management (SMM) website optimization, including research and analysis, link building, campaign management, automated tracking of search engine performance, analytics and conversion tracking, and SEO reports. These services are provided to you through the site based on the plan purchased, including all software, data, text, images, sounds, videos, and other content made available through the site, or developed via the Rank Watch API (collectively, "Content"). Any new features added to or augmenting the Service, are also subject to these Terms. Rank Watch provides a free account and several tiered service, fee based accounts. Fees are based on the package the user has chosen.

How AI is shaping SEO & how to boost your RankBrain rankings


If you want to take your SEO to the next level – or even keep up – in 2018 and beyond, then you need to understand how artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping SEO, and how you can use this knowledge to boost your rankings. Up until recently, search engine algorithms were entirely hand-coded by engineers but this has its limitations, not least because of the sheer size of the task and the potential for human error. Artificial intelligence such as speech recognition and image classification software has helped to pave the way for integrating'machine learning' into search engine algorithms. Now new technologies are enabling engineers to push the boundaries even further. Artificial intelligence presents an opportunity to create an algorithm that learns from the behaviour of searchers and, ultimately, refines itself with minimal human input, if any. With the help of AI, search engines can consider factors such as your location, your search history, your favourite websites, and what other users click on for a similar query to give you the most appropriate search results for your individual needs. The AI can then analyse your behaviour in response to a particular search and how you interact with the results, and then improve what it offers the next time someone makes the same search.

SEO Techniques: A Complete Guide


Search Engine Optimisation refers to the science of making sure that your website comes on top of the search results to attract your target audience. SEO has its own syntax- it does not involve stuffing keywords or having many product pages to spank up your ranking. If you do this, the chances are high that you will not achieve the desired results. Your pages should have a mobile-friendly interface and feature relevant keywords. Every now and then, SEO techniques keep changing.

Keyword Research; An Effective Step by Step Guide


If you run a website and would like to research keywords, there are some best practices that are recommended to help you find the best keyword phrases to use. In this article, we'll focus on the several research methods and provide hints on how to carry out effective keyword research. Keep in mind that getting ranked for a keyword phrase depends on how relevant the content is around the much sought-after phrase. Choosing the right keywords can easily get overwhelming in your quest to create the best SEO strategies. That is why we came up with this step by step guide that you can use to find the best keywords for your website.

Voice Search Website Optimisation The Marketing Know-How


Google voice search is an omnipresent choice for users on the move via their mobile devices. Voice search has made its way into our everyday life and the trends suggest that it's here to stay. Voice search is a function that makes it possible for users to make a query via a search engine using their voice. They can either do this using a smartphone or home assistant. This article analyses the uniqueness of voice search and why it should be part of your marketing strategy.

15 amazing Google tricks you never knew before now


At Las Vegas gadget show CES, Google is showcasing new features of its voice-enabled digital assistant including a language translator. We use this phrase every day. Once upon a time, the word "Google" just indicated a very long number. That extends to physical products as well. But the world's most powerful search engine can do more than find things.

Salesforce wants you to get some AI and visual search into your eCommerce game


Salesforce has announced a series of new updates to its Commerce Cloud platform which aims to encourage organisations to'go beyond eCommerce sites and modernise every shopping experience.' The move includes adding artificial intelligence and visual search capability into APIs and developer services with the goal of giving an insightful experience across various customer touchpoints. The company quoted research from Deloitte which argued that retailers use almost 40 disparate systems on average to manage customer engagement. This naturally includes the usual suspects of call centre, mobile, email and social. Yet the need to catch a potential sale on one channel may mean it all goes pear-shaped on another.

20 Experts Reveal how Talent Acquisition will Change in 2019 ( How We Can Keep Up) - Jobiak


In my opinion, Google For Jobs will probably become a game changer over the next year. Google rolled it out in the US and then they were very careful to assess its impact before rolling out to other territories. It takes time for job searchers to change their job searching habits, and Google will know this as they inevitably wait for the impact they hope it will have on the market, as searchers move away from big job boards such as Indeed and Monster (unless they seriously grow their marketing budgets to ensure they stay in public consciousness), and directly go to Google for the most suitable collection of jobs. Don't be shocked to see the tool being used in conjunction with paid ads for jobs though in 2019. The search giant does nothing unless it grows their bottom line through ads.

Pandora's new voice search feature knows what you want to hear


It's been almost two years since Pandora launched its on-demand music streaming service. In that time, the company has done a solid job of fixing some of the issues that cropped up at launch and even adding some features the competition hasn't got to yet (like downloading songs to an Apple Watch for offline playback). Today, Pandora's adding another feature that some of its competitors have: Voice Mode. But, as usual, Pandora believes that the amount of information it has on both the music in its catalog as well as its users will set its voice features apart. For starters, Pandora built Voice Mode internally, from the ground up, something Chief Product Officer Chris Phillips says was key in Voice Mode being a more personal music assistant.