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Microsoft: Here's the real reason Edge crashed when Google was the default search engine


Microsoft has now offered an explanation for the bug that caused Chromium-based Edge to crash when Google was set as the default search engine – but didn't crash if Microsoft's much less popular Bing was set instead. The crashes were happening when users typed in the address bar. The conditions for the crash made it appear to some that there was a skirmish playing out between Google and Microsoft on the new Edge, which ships with Bing as the default search engine and strips out many Google features that are in Chrome. At the time, Microsoft didn't explain the cause of the crashes and why it only impacted Edge with Google as the default. However, after fixing the bug it did advise users to "revert your browser settings that you may have changed" to avoid the crashes.

Best Anchor Text Optimization Practices [Infographic]


Anchor texts are hyperlinked, clickable words in the content. Working on anchor text optimization for both internal and external content can help your site get a better ranking on search engines. In 2011 and earlier, companies gained good rankings by using keyword-rich links as anchor texts. In 2012, Google released the Penguin update, which caused businesses that had exact matching keywords to suffer major slides in Google rankings. Businesses started considering the use of anchor text optimization strategies to recover the lost ground.

Solving One of the Biggest Challenges for AI-Based Search Engines: Relevance


Let's learn how to implement ClickModels in order to extract Relevance from clickstream data. These steps tend to be what is already necessary for implementing an effective enough search engine system for a given application. Eventually, the requirement to upgrade the system to deliver customized results may arise. Doing so should be simple. One could choose from a set of machine learning ranking algorithms, train some selected models, prepare them for production and observe the results.

The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization, 3rd Edition - Programmer Books


Three acknowledged experts in search engine optimization share guidelines and innovative techniques that will help you plan and execute a comprehensive SEO strategy. Novices will receive a thorough SEO education, while experienced SEO practitioners get an extensive reference to support ongoing engagements. Comprehend SEO's many intricacies and complexities Explore the underlying theory and inner workings of search engines Understand the role of social media, user data, and links Discover tools to track results and measure success Examine the effects of Google's Panda and Penguin algorithms Consider opportunities in mobile, local, and vertical SEO Build a competent SEO team with defined roles Glimpse the future of search and the SEO industry

Why SEO & Machine Learning Are Joining Forces


The global datasphere will grow from 33 zettabytes (each equal to a trillion gigabytes) in 2018 to 175 ZB by 2025. In marketing, our role as the stewards of much of this data is growing, as well. As of last year, more data is being stored in the enterprise core than in all the world's existing endpoints, according to a report by IDC. The great challenge for marketers and SEO professionals is activating and using that data. In 2025, each connected person will have at least one data interaction every 18 seconds and nearly 30% of the world's data will need real-time processing.

Content Clustering: 50 Tips for Content Planning with Topic Clustering.


Have you decided to tune your business into the next level evolution of SEO? There is a buzz around the content cluster on social media platforms and over the internet. SEO content managers and specialists are always struggling to balance the search engine optimization and content quality in the same quantity and quality. Here are the fantastic tips that you need to know content clustering where the content planning with topic clustering works better. The content clustering is the idea that concentrates on a single point of purpose where the creation of cluster related and interlinking the information through hyperlinks.

Let's build a Full-Text Search engine - Artem Krylysov


Full-Text Search is one of those tools people use every day without realizing it. If you ever googled "golang coverage report" or tried to find "indoor wireless camera" on an e-commerce website, you used some kind of full-text search. Full-Text Search (FTS) is a technique for searching text in a collection of documents. A document can refer to a web page, a newspaper article, an email message, or any structured text. Today we are going to build our own FTS engine.

Digital Creativity Support for Original Journalism

Communications of the ACM

Journalism involves the search for and critical analysis of information.18 How journalists discover and select sources of this information is important to avoid bias, to be credible and trusted, and to create angles with which to generate new stories of value to readers. Journalist creative thinking, to discover and generate new associations during this search and analysis of information, contributes to the generation of new stories. Journalists are known to seek opportunities to develop new creative skills with which to discover information.17 Applying these skills enables journalists to maintain control over their work.25 However, discovering and examining information sources about complex stories takes time--time that journalists increasingly lack as news organizations reduce staff numbers.22 The digitalization of news production and consumption has led many news businesses to become uncompetitive.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - TimesPost


Search Engine Marketing is a digital marketing strategy that helps to improve the visibility of the site in SERP. It is very important to rank in Search Engine Result Pages, and SEM helps us to rank in the list easily. To boost the traffic on the site, we need to implement some effective strategies, and SEM is one of the best marketing tools that helps to steadfast the traffic; it is a cost-effective way to get instant visibility and boost the website. To get an effective business presence on the internet, you need to have massive traffic on your site, and with regular SEO tips, nothing progressive will be achieved. Instead, try on the effective SEM techniques and notice some striking rise in the traffic.