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How Etsy taught style to an algorithm


At Etsy, the search challenge is particularly tough. The site's stock in trade is not the sort of mass-produced goods that can be neatly categorized. Instead, 75% of the 60 million items that its 2 million merchants offer are handmade and therefore one of a kind. Even if they speak deeply to a shopper, they may do so for reasons that are difficult to divine from search terms and the information in product listings. "We don't have merchandisers entering the descriptions of the blue shirts in the pallets in the warehouse," says Mike Fisher, Etsy's CTO.

Goonhilly Opens New Data Center - Looks to an AI/ML Future - Via Satellite -


Goonhilly Earth Station opened its new data center and launched a managed High Performance Computing (HPC) platform for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) computing on demand. Goonhilly's goal is to create a U.K. hub for AI and ML services that acts as a marketplace and allows academia and enterprise to collaborate and share ideas. One of the first organizations in the U.K. to deploy a liquid immersion cooling system from Submer Technologies to mitigate the power demands of HPC, Goonhilly's platform is designed to meet the data-intensive needs of the automotive, life sciences and space/aerospace marketplaces. Additionally, its onsite array of solar panels can support the data center's full power requirements of 500 Kilowatts (KW). The new managed platform delivers high performance GPU-based compute and storage for decentralised and centralised AI and machine learning applications to meet the data-intensive needs of the automotive, life sciences and space/aerospace marketplaces.

Microsoft 365: Making the workday more productive with AI


Writing requires a dash of uniquely human creativity. Artificial intelligence alone cannot do it for us, at least not very well. But AI can – and already is – helping us do things like make sure we spell words correctly and use correct grammar, through the myriad ways it is infused across the suite of Microsoft 365 products. Some of them were even used to craft this story. As the AI in these products is becoming more sophisticated, they are helping us do more than spot a misspelled word.

Amperity Secures $50M in Series C Funding


Amperity, a Seattle, WA-based AI-powered Customer Data Management platform, raised a $50M Series C financing. Backers included Tiger Global Management, Goldman Sachs, Declaration Partners, Madera Technology Partners, Madrona Venture Group, and Lee Fixel. The company, which has now raised total funding to-date to $87m, intends to use the funds to accelerate new capabilities, as well as expand into new verticals including financial services, automotive, insurance, and healthcare, while continuing to grow within the retail, travel, and hospitality industries. Led by Kabir Shahani, CEO and co-founder, Amperity leverages artificial intelligence to provide a Customer Data Management platform for companies to connect, identify, and understand their customers, improve marketing performance, accelerate accurate customer insights, and enable customer experiences. The company serves brands such as Alaska Airlines, Starbucks, The Gap Inc, Moët Hennessy USA, Wynn Resorts, Kendra Scott, Lucky Brand, Planet Fitness, Seattle Sounders, Stanley, and many more.

Today's customer decision journey is so complex but AI can help - Search Engine Land


Myth: "The customer journey is not as complex as it's made out to be." One thing is for sure – the consumer decision journey is more complex than ever before. The average consumer now owns three to four devices and uses multiple online and offline channels throughout their shopping journeys. The game is changing as marketers turn to artificial intelligence, agencies and data to help them navigate new consumer behavior. Every marketer today needs to be addressing these challenges as the CDJ itself is disrupting the digital landscape.

How is AI Helping the eCommerce Industry? - ReadWrite


The eCommerce industry is booming like never before with the introduction of new technologies. The eCommerce industry is witnessing a redefined form that takes customers to a new level of experience and gratification. But how is AI helping the eCommerce industry? Traditionally, retail businesses were satisfied by just making an eCommerce website for their brick and mortar stores, but it is not enough now. You have to evolve with new emerging technologies to provide immense value to the users.

Analyze AI enriched content with Azure Search's knowledge store


Through integration with Cognitive Services APIs, Azure Search has long had the ability to extract text and structure from images and unstructured content. Until recently, this capability was used exclusively in full text search scenarios, exemplified in demos like the JFK files which analyzes diverse content in JPEGs and makes it available for online search. The journey from visual unstructured content, to searchable structured content is enabled by a feature called cognitive search. This capability in Azure Search is now extended with the addition of a knowledge store that saves enrichments for further exploration and analysis beyond search itself. The knowledge store feature of Azure Search, available in preview, refers to a persistence layer in cognitive search that describes a physical expression of documents created through AI enrichments.

AI Principal Engineer Job in Palo Alto, CA at Anthem


As a principal engineer, you will be responsible for ensuring our backend services are feature complete and support our mobile and web clients. Develops, manages and manipulates complex high volume data from a variety of sources. Develops and maintains infrastructure systems that connect internal data sets; creates new data collection frameworks for structured and unstructured data.

AI, IoT and data centres key drivers of M&A deals


According to GlobalData, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and data centres were the key drivers behind mergers and acquisition (M&A) activity over the last two years. In 2018, the total transaction value of M&A deals announced in the global TMT sector reached $630bn, up 23% from 2017 and significantly ahead of other markets in both 2017 and 2018, according to GlobalData's Deals Database. GlobalData's latest thematic report, Mergers and Acquisitions in Technology Media and Telecoms (TMT), reveals the most notable deals over the last five years, identifies their key thematic drivers, and predicts potential future acquisition targets. Cyrus Mewawalla, head of Thematic Research said, "Running any business today requires an understanding of all disruptive threats – and most of these threats come from the technology sector. "Whatever industry you are in, technology now makes it easier for you to be disrupted.

Apple takes a shot at rival Google AGAIN with billboard next to search giant's smart neighborhood

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Apple has once again taken a shot at Google with a giant billboard next to its rival's smart neighbourhood reading'we're in the business of staying out of yours'. The firm placed the advert, which also says'Privacy. It is not the first time the firm has made thinly-veiled dig at its rivals, with a similar billboard appearing at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year. This one read'What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone'. Sidewalk Labs hope to revitalise a run-down stretch of Toronto's waterfront, with self-driving taxis, pavements that automatically melt away snow and traffic lights that track pedestrian movements.