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With Apple's Claris, digital transformation goes to school


Just as digital transformation accelerated in the enterprise, the implementation and deployment of tech in the education sector has also accelerated, prompting Apple's Claris subsidiary to introduce its own powerful student information system (SIS), which it calls Claris Connect for Apple School Manager. "Schools across the U.S. constantly face challenges around getting the most meaningful information out of the volumes of data gathered and processed each day--- which we are solving with Claris Connect for Apple School Manager," Brad Freitag, CEO at Claris, said in a statement. The product has been designed to help education establishments integrate SIS data with Apple School Manager, through which it can flow across additional tuition, support and learning systems. Claris Connect includes support for SIS systems from Aeries, Follet Aspen, and Skyward. The idea behind this integration is that administrators, teachers, students, and parents can more easily access Apple's education-focused services, apps, and technology.

5 things I've learned from building analytics stacks at J.P. Morgan and Fivetran


I started my career as an options trader at J.P. Morgan and then moved on to build their first modern data stack. Currently, I am a principal analytics leader at Fivetran, an up-and-coming market leader in data integration. Along the way, I've had to learn how to build complex information systems the hard way. Today, I want to share some best practices I've picked up that will help you succeed. The modern data stack is a set of cloud-native data tools centered around automation, lowered costs, and ease-of-use to end users throughout the lifecycle of data management.

What is Azure Synapse and how is it different from Azure Data Bricks?


Azure Synapse Analytics is an unlimited information analysis service aimed at large companies that was presented as the evolution of Azure SQL Data Warehouse (SQL DW), bringing together business data storage and macro or Big Data analysis. Synapse provides a single service for all workloads when processing, managing and serving data for immediate business intelligence and data prediction needs. The latter is made possible by its integration with Power BI and Azure Machine Learning, due to Synapse's ability to integrate mathematical machine learning models using the ONNX format. It provides the freedom to handle and query huge amounts of information either on demand serverless (a type of deployment that automatically scales power on demand when large amounts of data are available) for data exploration and ad hoc analysis, or with provisioned resources, at scale. As one of the few Microsoft's Power BI partners in Spain, at Bismart we have a large experience working with both Power BI and Azure Synapse.

Google 'is hosting ads that charge for free services'

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Google is hosting adverts for unofficial services like applying for a visa that charge vastly inflated amounts, a BBC investigation has revealed. The search engine returned ads for services charging £50 to change an address on a driving licence – something that can be done for free on the government's website. Applying for an ESTA travel permit on the US government's website should cost no more than £10 ($14). But Google'repeatedly' allowed ads for websites charging more than £58 ($80) for an ESTA, the BBC found. Adverts for unofficial services selling government documents are against Google's own rules.

Data Specialist - FHIR (remote)


This is a remote position. This position will be open and accepting applications until 5 PM EST on May 14, 2021. Some Federal contracts require U.S. citizenship to be eligible for employment. Ad Hoc is a digital services company that helps the federal government better serve people. Our team of experts from across commercial industry and government brings the modern skills necessary to help agencies transform public services into digital services.

Researchers Warn: AI Algorithms Can Influence People's Voting and Dating Decisions


In a new series of experiments, artificial intelligence (A.I.) algorithms were able to influence people's preferences for fictitious political candidates or potential romantic partners, depending on whether recommendations were explicit or covert. Ujué Agudo and Helena Matute of Universidad de Deusto in Bilbao, Spain, present these findings in the open-access journal PLOS ONE on April 21, 2021. From Facebook to Google search results, many people encounter A.I. algorithms every day. Private companies are conducting extensive research on the data of their users, generating insights into human behavior that are not publicly available. Academic social science research lags behind private research, and public knowledge on how A.I. algorithms might shape people's decisions is lacking. To shed new light, Agudo and Matute conducted a series of experiments that tested the influence of A.I. algorithms in different contexts.

Best Practices for Enterprise Search User Experience (UX)


Your employees don't always know exactly what they're looking for, so sometimes they struggle to use the right search terms, wasting effort and time. In fact, by some estimates, enterprise employees spend about two hours a day trying to find the information they need to do their jobs. Imagine what they could accomplish if they could reclaim that time. Providing suggestions that start with a keyword or phrase with an autocomplete tool is a start, but often falls short because typeahead technology only provides suggestions that start with a keyword or phrase. SearchAI SmartSuggest, on the other hand, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to offer complete phrases associated with the keyword or phrase.

The insider pro trick to find any photo on your phone in seconds

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on Our phones are jam-packed with photos. Pick 25 at random, and I bet only a handful are decent photos you want to keep around. Duplicates and the shot right before the good one make up a lot of that junk.

Stock Forecast Based On a Predictive Algorithm


This forecast is part of the Revolut Stock Trading Package, one of I Know First's algorithmic trading tools. The full investment universe includes the most promising stocks presented on Revolut trading platform. Package Name: Revolut Stock Trading Recommended Positions: Long Forecast Length: 3 Months (1/19/21 – 4/19/21) I Know First Average: 17.09% This Revolut Stock Trading Package forecast had correctly predicted 10 out of 10 stock movements. The highest trade return came from IVZ, at 32.4%.