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Start 2021 off right with a great gaming laptop — get a Dell G7 for $400 off


SAVE $400: The Dell G7 4K gaming laptop is a great way to experience PC gaming without the bulk of a desktop -- it's $400 off at Best Buy as of Jan. 20. Before they all start coming out, you're going to want to prepare by getting the right gear, whether that's one of the elusive new consoles or a high-end PC. If you haven't had any luck snagging a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, you should definitely look at dipping your toes into the world of PC gaming. A gaming laptop is a good way to start, and the Dell G7 is $400 off at Best Buy as of Jan. 20. The Dell G7 gets you a high-quality pc gaming experience without the bulk of a desktop.

ICYMI: More gadget highlights from CES 2021


While CES was a bit different this year, we still managed to check out a number of inspiring new devices, apps and services. While we acknowledged the most promising tech in Engadget's Best of CES awards, there remain a bunch of gadgets that didn't make the list that will be worth checking out when they actually hit shelves later this year. Things like HP's new Dragonfly laptops, TCL's 8K TVs and Cowin's two-piece soundbar are all things to look forward to as 2021 progresses (and some are even available already). Here are some of the CES 2021 gadgets you may have missed this week. Cherlynn Low found a lot to like about last year's HP Dragonfly laptop: it was lightweight at 2.2 pounds, had a great battery life and an attractive design.

All the best gaming laptops for levelling up


PC gaming is said by many to be the best way to play video games. In a lot of ways, that's true -- high-end gaming computers pack more graphical and processing power than any home console does, and they offer a level of freedom in terms of customisation and game choice that you're just not going to find anywhere else. But when it comes down to it, starting your foray into PC gaming can be extremely complicated, especially when you're new to all of this. Unlike consoles that you can just pick up and play, gaming computers require an intense amount of research into each and every component. GPUs, CPUs, monitors, keyboards -- it's a lot to take in, and it'll normally cost you a lot of money.

Presenting the Best of CES 2021 winners!


As Wednesday draws to a close, so does a grand social experiment: the first-ever online-only CES. In the end, the experience was invariably different. We particularly missed being able to wander The Sands and have learn about smaller, up-and-coming startups. And if seeing is believing, the oddest entries at the show remained locked behind our computer screen, with no chance of getting hands-on time. And yet, we were kept busy this week. Most of the usual tech giants had news to share, and many of those were able to show us their wares in person, ahead of the three-day gadget extravaganza.

Razer unveils smart mask, video game throne that can totally immerse you in 'Fortnite'

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Video games often deliver futuristic outlooks with adventures such as "Halo" and "The Last of Us." But game hardware company Razer has an imaginative vision of how you might play games in the near future: the Project Brooklyn concept gaming chair. The carbon fiber-constructed gaming chair, unveiled at the CES tech trade show Tuesday, has a 60-inch flexible OLED panoramic display that rolls out and retracts, surrounding your field of vision. And you will feel the game, too, with tactile feedback built into the cockpit-style seat. Adjustable armrests can be used for a mouse or made into a tabletop for a full keyboard.

Presenting the Best of CES 2021 finalists!


We'll admit, we weren't entirely sure what to expect when we agreed to judge the annual Best of CES Awards without an in-person show. How many companies would show up to an online-only show? What would we lose without being able to wander the halls of a massive convention center and see the products up close? As it turns out, we needn't have worried. More than 1,900 brands, big and small, turned up this year, according to the Consumer Technology Association, the industry group that organizes the show each year. What's more, many companies found socially distant ways to show us their latest and greatest in person, ahead of the show. In the end, we had enough fodder for 14 categories covering hardware and services in every sector from home theater to transportation to accessibility tech. We'll announce the winners tomorrow at 4:30pm ET during a ceremony on our virtual stage, which we'll livestream to We're also continuing tradition and opening up voting for our People's Choice Award -- our reader poll is live now and closes tomorrow, ahead of the ceremony. Please be sure to vote, and congrats to all of the finalists! The technology underpinning the Mudra Band might seem fanciful: sensors capture neural electrical impulses in the wrist and map them onto specific movements like a swipe or a tap, essentially letting you control an Apple Watch with subtle finger movements on one hand. There's no doubt the benefit of convenience -- you can operate your watch when your hands are wet or dirty, for instance.

Lenovo's ThinkPads go after Microsoft's Surface Books

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The new ThinkPads are here, and they're packed with exciting new features. Fresh for the all-virtual CES 2021 exhibit, Lenovo has dropped four new models: the 9th gen X1 Carbon, the 6th gen X1 Yoga, and the brand new X1 Titanium Yoga and X1 Detachable. We're especially curious about the X1 Detachable, which is basically Lenovo's version of the Microsoft Surface Book 3--a laptop with a completely detachable screen that turns into a tablet. Unlike a tablet with a keyboard folio, the Surface Book 3 feels like a classic clamshell laptop when the display and keyboard are connected, and we expect the X1 Detachable will have a similar feel. The ThinkPad X12 Detachable could be a long-due rival for the Microsoft Surface Book 3. This is one of the most interesting releases of CES.

LG's 2021 TVs ship with Google Stadia and a game optimizer


LG has revealed that its 2021 TVs will include a Game Optimizer that fine-tunes the picture for consoles and PCs. The feature gives you quick access to tweaks you'd be likely to use, such as lag reduction and variable refresh rate, but also reflects LG's focus on AI. You can not only enable AI-based game sound tuning, but even optimize the image for specific game genres -- LG will adjust for a first-person shooter, role-playing game or even a real-time strategy title. The TVs will also include more gaming-friendly apps. They'll now include Google Stadia out of the box, making cloud gaming that much easier.

LG brightens its OLEDs, teases new TVs for CES

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CES 2021 is a virtual affair this year, but the world's biggest tech companies are still taking bringing their best and brightest to the bear. For its part, LG today announced the next "evolution" in OLED TVs, currently the hottest display technology on the market. Get a sneak peak at the latest trends and have product recommendations delivered straight to your phone. Sign up for text message alerts from the experts at Reviewed. During its press event for CES 2021's Media Day, LG unveiled a bevy of exciting home theater upgrades, not the least of which is "OLED evo," the current moniker for LG's upgraded and improved lineup of 2021 OLED TVs.

IonQ CEO Peter Chapman on quantum computing adoption, innovation and what's next


IonQ has a plan to commercialize quantum computing and Peter Chapman is CEO expected to make it happen. Chapman, son of a NASA astronaut, started working in the MIT AI Lab when he was 16, invented the first sound card for the IBM PC, wrote software for the FAA and led a Ray Kurzweil company to build tools for the blind. Simply put, Chapman has been ahead of the technology curve. Chapman joined IonQ in the summer of 2018 because he is betting that quantum computing can achieve Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). IonQ recently made news for its roadmap and proposing a new performance metric called Algorithmic Qubit.