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Human Resources



Your Human Resources department should be at the forefront of your efforts to ensure that your employees are always first. You can attract top talent to your company by using technology in this way. You can retain more talent by encouraging innovation and learning in your company. This could imply that artificial intelligence will be used in HR to hire and recruit people. Artificial intelligence is now a reality in HR, as technology plays a growing role in recruiting and maintaining talent.

Second Nature raises $12.5M to coach salespeople with AI-powered avatars


As remote and hybrid work becomes commonplace, companies are investigating ways to train salespeople one-on-one virtually -- typically over video chat platforms like Zoom. Even before the pandemic, 59% of learning and development professionals were spending more of their budget on online training than in-person, according to LinkedIn. But not every department is devoting an equal amount of time to coaching, surveys show -- and this can be to the detriment of sales. A recent RingDNA report found that 45% of salespeople have received less coaching than usual or no coaching since moving to remote work during the pandemic. It's estimated that 75% of sales organizations waste resources due to random and informal coaching, besides, the opportunity costs being substantial.

Machine Learning Disease Prediction And Drug Recommendation


This is Supervised machine learning full course. It covers all basic concepts from Python, Pandas, Django, Ajax and Scikit Learn. The course start on Jupyter notebook where different operations will performed on data. The end goal of this course is to teach how to deploy machine learning model on Django Python web framework. Actually, that is the purpose of machine learning.

Harisystems - Google Search


Harisystems offers professional training by experts in Software Industry, Python,, Real-Time Face Recognition: Project Face Detection with Python using OpenCV Attendance Tutorial - Harisystems For Best Software Training programs visit--... We're global software services in IT business and digital technology services, helping our clients bring the future highest levels of work to their life.



DBT data build tool helps data teams work like software engineers, transform data and control the flow to ship trusted data, faster. It means that we first load the data as is to the target and then use SQL (DBT data build tool) to transform it. DBT data build tool will materialize your SQL selects into table views and manage the flow of executing the SQL. ETL developers, DBA, BI developers, decision-makers that consider DBT, SQL programmers, data analysts, data engineers.

11 Ways to Learn More Data Science


I've been a teacher at many grade levels, and I own a tutoring center that serves kids from age 4 to 18. I've tutored hundreds of students myself over 10 years. I've spent a lot of time trying to teach concepts, to students, peers, friends, direct reports, you name it. I say this because there is one thing that I beg you to listen to, and it's the number one issue I've seen in students at all levels: We just don't know what we don't know. People aren't great at seeing where their own understanding has small gaps. For any topic, we have a few lines of knowledge that we can spout, but we just aren't aware of the edge cases that exist until we see them. We don't have all the knowledge of how every topic intersects with every related one, and many times, those answers are not easy to figure out. Therein lies why experience is valuable. There is so much about even the basic Data Science topics that we haven't yet come across.

Workday : Machine Learning Enables Employers to Gain More Insights on Skills


We then ran that same data through an algorithm that looked at sentiment within the comments. The output was incredibly dense and rich with insights. For instance, we could see specific stressors-such as manager relationships, working conditions, and family responsibilities-by gender, race, job, or geographic location. This proved to us that AI is better than humans at analyzing feedback data to help us take action as organizational leaders. Just like in the experiment above, there are other areas where rich data sets exist within the business that haven't been mined for insights.

Create a Superhero Name Generator with TensorFlow


In this guided project, we are going to create a neural network and train it on a small dataset of superhero names to learn to generate similar names. The dataset has over 9000 names of superheroes, supervillains and other fictional characters from a number of different comic books, TV shows and movies. Text generation is a common natural language processing task. We will create a character level language model that will predict the next character for a given input sequence. In order to get a new predicted superhero name, we will need to give our model a seed input - this can be a single character or a sequence of characters, and the model will then generate the next character that it predicts should after the input sequence.

Raspberry Pi とTensorFlow ではじめるAI・IoTアプリ開発入門


2018年8月、Google BrainチームはTensorFlow 1.10をリリースし、Raspberry Pi(Raspbian)に正式対応しました。ラズベリーパイでディープラーニング・IoTにチャレンジしましょう!

Learn to create your own video games with this heavily discounted course bundle


TL;DR: The 2022 Premium Learn Game Development Bundle is on sale for £14.81, saving you 98% on list price. You've heard about how beneficial it is to learn to code, but if you're like most people, you haven't found a reason to learn. What if we told you that with just 130 hours of coding education, completed from your sofa, you could launch your very own video game? With the 2022 Premium Learn Game Development Bundle, you can bring the video game idea you've had up your sleeve to fruition. It's just £15 for six courses and 130 hours of training you can complete on your own schedule. How else were you planning on spending your time indoors this season?