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Build the video game of your dreams with this online training bundle


TL;DR: The 2021 Premium Unity Game Developer Certification Bundle is on sale for £14.41 as of Aug. 1, saving you 99% on list price. Last year might've sucked big time, but it was actually a great year for gaming. A couple shiny new consoles came out, as well as a treasure trove of new games. Major studios had some big releases, but the biggest standouts of the year were the indie gems. In fact, Among Us, a charming indie party game of teamwork and betrayal, ranked high on many lists as one of the best games of 2020.

5 Best Free Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Courses for Beginners in 2021 - Best of Lot


Hello guys, if you are interested in learning about Artificial Intelligence and how to build AI and looking for free online resources then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared free Machine Learning and Free Data Science courses and in this article, I am going to share free Artificial Intelligence and deep learning courses for beginners. These free courses are created from Udemy, Coursera, edX, and Pluralsight and created by experts and trusted by thousands of people who wanted to learn Artificial Intelligence. Clicking on this article link shows that you are very interested to understand and learn more about artificial intelligence but wait! Learning artificial intelligence is not that easy and never will be.

Georgia Tech Will Help Bring Critical Advancements to Online Learning as Part of Multimillion Dollar NSF Grant


Georgia Tech is a major partner in a new National Science Foundation (NSF) Artificial Intelligence Research Institute focused on adult learning in online education, it was announced today. Led by the Georgia Research Alliance, the National AI Institute for Adult Learning in Online Education (ALOE) is one of 11 new NSF institutes created as part of an investment totaling $220 million. The ALOE Institute will develop new AI theories and techniques for enhancing the quality of online education for lifelong learning and workforce development. According to some projections, about 100 million American workers will need to be reskilled or upskilled over the next decade. With the increase of AI and automation, said Co-Principal Investigator and Georgia Tech lead Professor Ashok Goel, many jobs will be redefined. "There will be some loss of jobs, but mostly we will see individuals needing to learn a new skill to get a new job or to advance their career," said Goel, a professor of computer science and human-centered computing in Georgia Tech's School of Interactive Computing (IC) and the chief scientist with the Center for 21st Century Universities (C21U).

Artificial intelligence & the future of education systems


In this talk he gave at TEDx FHKufstein, Bernhard Schindlholzer contemplated the implications of ephemeralization - the ability of technological advancement to do "more and more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing" - through artificial intelligence and machine learning. He explores the challenges that this technological approach poses to our economy and, furthermore, how they could be addressed by questioning established norms of our education systems. Dr. Bernhard Schindlholzer is a technology manager working on Machine Learning and E-commerce.

Practical Data Science


In the first course of the Practical Data Science Specialization, you will learn foundational concepts for exploratory data analysis (EDA), automated machine learning (AutoML), and text classification algorithms. With Amazon SageMaker Clarify and Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler, you will analyze a dataset for statistical bias, transform the dataset into machine-readable features, and select the most important features to train a multi-class text classifier. You will then perform automated machine learning (AutoML) to automatically train, tune, and deploy the best text-classification algorithm for the given dataset using Amazon SageMaker Autopilot. Next, you will work with Amazon SageMaker BlazingText, a highly optimized and scalable implementation of the popular FastText algorithm, to train a text classifier with very little code. Practical data science is geared towards handling massive datasets that do not fit in your local hardware and could originate from multiple sources.

Top Machine Learning Online Courses Exclusively for You in 2021


AI and machine learning models are thriving in the global tech market with their smart capabilities for a diverse range of industries. The educational industry has started harnessing AI and machine learning models as well as providing online courses with certificates. There are multiple machine learning online courses available on the internet for interested students and working professionals to brush up on the skills. It is gaining a wide array of recognition across the world besides the traditional five engineering courses. Let's explore some of the top machine learning online courses available for aspiring machine learning engineers, machine learning instructors, applied scientists in machine learning, machine learning researchers, machine learning consultants, and many more.

Mastering JavaScript Essentials 2021 Novice To Professional


Have you always wanted to learn JavaScript but you just don't know where to start? Or maybe you have started to learn Javascript, but you just don't know how to work with basic concepts like the intermediate level JavaScript programming, object-oriented programming in JavaScript, asynchronous programming in JavaScript and JSON objects. If that Sounds Like you…. Then our complete Mastering JavaScript Essentials 2021 Novice to Professional is for You! Join 800,000 Students Who Have Enrolled in our Udemy Courses! Watch the Promo Video to see how you can Get Started Today!

AI for Good: This deeptech startup makes content accessible to millions of people with special learning needs


Entrepreneur Mousumi Kapoor checks many boxes. After spending nearly two decades in data and analytics roles at organisations in the US and India, Mousumi wants to check one more box -- AI for Good. 'AI for Good' is a large global movement fostered by the United Nations. It involves using Artificial Intelligence and other deeptech to solve the most urgent challenges facing humanity. Mousumi's startup Continual Engine is an extension of that vision.

10 Best Courses for Machine Learning on Coursera


Machine Learning is very powerful and many people are shifting their careers into the Machine learning field. The reason behind machine learning popularity is its power to make useless data into more meaningful data. Coursera has a wide range of Machine Learning courses. That's why I have listed the 10 Best Courses for Machine Learning on Coursera. So give your few minutes and find out Best Courses for Machine Learning on Coursera for you.