Machine Learning Webinar Collabera TACT


We live in an evolving world where technologies and platforms are transient. Yesterday's buzzword can become obsolete tomorrow, and today's catchphrase may soon lose its significance. There are, however, certain technologies that may or may not roll in with much ado, but with time become phenomena. Artificial Intelligence has been one such technology which has gained a considerable ground since it was baptized at the Dartmouth Conference in 1956 by John McCarthy, who is regarded as the father of Artificial Intelligence.

Webinar: kick-start your AI strategy


Artificial Intelligence is transforming the insurance industry. But you already knew that. AI can be a daunting technology, and you may not know where to start. In this webinar you'll hear from experts in AI implementation on how to kick-start your with AI solution. Our experts will discuss successful implementations in the past, calling from past experience to provide advice along the way.

Semantic Technologies Are Steering Cognitive Applications


Cognitive applications are being applied to a wide variety of uses and across various industries. Based on statistical and rule-based methods, they are excellent to process a large volume of information. But many companies are battling with the imprecise results this technology delivers. Complex algorithms to simulate how the human brain works lead data scientists to a bottleneck for taking cognitive computing to the next level.

The Essentials of Data Science and Machine Learning


This webinar covers a high-level introduction to data science and machine learning and their potential in a data-driven organization. Learn key trends and concepts, proven use cases and an overview of leading technologies.

Disrupt4.0 Webinar on Data Monetisation Factors


Data about business processes, operational metrics, business performance, workforce productivity. However, it's all about intelligence and monetisation that can be done through this. This 1 hour session will provide overview on factors on which data monetisation depends.

Introduction to VoiceAI


With billions of calls made every day, the phone call is still the primary customer communications channel by a long shot. But there's so much more we could be learning from those conversations. Join Dialpad CMO, Keith Messick, and GM of VoiceAI, Dan O'Connell, on June 13th, to learn how artificial intelligence can reveal and capture important insights from the conversations you're already having with your customers while making your job easier. So save yours right now.

SaaS Platform for Multi-Cloud Ops Adds AI Features -- Virtualization Review


OpsRamp announced on Thursday the release of OpsRamp 5.0, which it describes as a "major update" to its flagship Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for multi-cloud environments. One of the main new upgrades in OpsRamp 5.0 is the addition of what the company calls the Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) inference engine, which is designed for "more powerful alerting and event correlation," the company says. As for why AI is so important to add now, especially for operations: "In today's world of alert floods from distributed IT assets, ops teams spend significant portions of their day just trying to figure out which alerts matter the most. Artificial intelligence can dramatically reduce this mundane-yet-critical work by recognizing patterns and context within the total infrastructure, and identifying where these alerts originate from," commented OpsRamp Vice President of Product Management Mahesh Ramachandran in an e-mailed statement. "The possibilities for reduced mean-time-to-resolution and increased business service uptime are incredible."

NBA analytics and RDF graphs: Game, data, and metadata evolution, and Occam's razor


With the NBA playoffs in full swing, we are used to having statistics nuggets thrown into game coverage. While it has been argued that not every aspect of the game should be purely data driven, sports analytics can be fun for fans as well as a useful tool for organizations. The NBA has come into organizing analytics hackathons, asking participants to propose novel ideas in terms of both the game itself as well as its business side. Projecting the impact of hypothetical rule changes or predicting the entertainment value of games are some examples of ideas investigated in this context. You don't have to be the NBA, or professional media, or a sports organization with a dedicated analytics team to do some analysis of your own.

How A.I. can help you advocate for website design changes.


If you haven't heard of EyeQuant, here's the idea: we take lots of user research data, and use machine learning to analyse how different design characteristics impact the way people see and perceive websites. The result is a set of predictive algorithms that instantly analyse the design to show which content users are likely to see and miss, and rates the visual clarity and emotional impact of the design.

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Following the launch (May 16th) of the FIBR report, "Artificial Intelligence: Practical Superpowers," we are hosting a follow-up webinar to present the paper and its insights. As one of the first reports that looks at AI applied to financial services in Africa, this webinar is for fintech companies and FSPs in Africa, that might be interested or looking to move into AI. By presenting insights from the report and having a panel discussion, we seek to create awareness around the real-use cases of AI for FSPs that can augment the ability of companies to do business better. Panelists: Matt Grasser, Deputy Director of Inclusive Fintech BFA Qiuyan Xu, Chief Data Scientist Cignifi Andrea Ottina, Chief Business Development Officer Access Tanzania Sheel Mohot, Partner 500 startups Moderated by Jane del Ser, Insights & Influence at BFA Related content: Read the report - http://bfa.works/ai-launch An Experimental Gallery of AI Applications for MSMEs and PAYGo - FIBR.AI FIBR stands for Financial Inclusion on Business Runways and aims to learn how to transform emerging business data about low-income individuals and link them to inclusive financial services to deepen financial inclusion and its impact.