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Sponsored webcast Most companies today are aware that artificial intelligence and machine learning are set to play an ever more important role within businesses, from anticipating customers' needs to automating and streamlining processes. But look behind the glowing hype surrounding AI's potential, and you find delivering it is not as simple as it appears. Businesses hold growing volumes of data, though often their pipelines are restricted by the constraints of their hardware. Many organisations still rely on spinning magnetic disks to store and deliver data. The resulting compromises between traditional storage and flash and cloud-based models can create bottlenecks in the delivery of AI.

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As robotics, analytics, artificial intelligence and IoT converge on the cusp of Industry 4.0, Peter Pugh-Jones says there's never been a more exciting time to be working in advanced analytics. During his 30-year career, he's worked all over the world in IT and software, and he believes in using the right tools and technology to meet the data and analytical challenges of business today while ensuring his customers derive optimal ROI.

Your Online-Shopping Experience Was Grown in a Lab

The Atlantic

As you scroll through a website--say, TheAtlantic.com--you're Your eyes dart from headline to headline, bypassing a few before choosing which to read. Your brow furrows at one article. Your face flushes in anger when you watch a charged video on an issue important to you. Usually, all these physical cues go nowhere other than the reflection of your computer screen.

Web Science in Europe

Communications of the ACM

As we finalize this article November 11, 2018, and consider current and future directions for computing in Europe and across the globe, we remember the end of World War I exactly 100 years ago: the end to a war of atrocities at a scale previously unseen and the culmination of a series of events that European nations had allowed themselves to'sleepwalk' into, with little thought for the consequences.10 When this article appears in spring 2019, we will remember the first proposal for a new global information sharing system written by Tim Berners-Lee 30 years ago at CERN,4 the European organization for nuclear research. This proposal marked the beginning of the World Wide Web, which now pervades every facet of modern life for over four billion users. However, the Web 30 years on, is not the land of free information and discussion, or an egalitarian space that supports the interests of all, as originally imagined.4 Rather, egotisms, nationalisms, and fundamentalisms freewheel on a landscape that is increasingly dominated by powerful corporate actors, often silencing other voices, including democratically elected representatives. For seven decades Europe has been a political and social project, seeking to integrate what has been divisive historically and to make citizens more equal. While the proponents of the Web were driven by similar values, there is now increasing concern in Europe--and beyond--that the Web has become a vehicle of disintegration, polarization, and exploitation.

How I built my first Machine Learning Software-As-A-Service


My first payment from a real customer finally cleared. Product Pix just made $65.36. I feel like I can finally write a bit about my journey so far in building a SaaS (software as a service). I can finally tell for sure that someone out there thinks my site is generating real value. And the site still doesn't have any payment or subscription page!

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Source: How AI is reshaping web development Articles Big Data Innovation Enterprise. How AI is enabling are reshaping web development and giving developers everywhere hope about the future of tech. Few technological developments have garnered as much media attention as AI, and for good reason: Few nascent technologies have disrupted as many industries and commanded as much consumer attention as AI has. Despite the fact that AI is drastically upending many predictions about what the future of business looks like, however, too little attention is being paid to the way that it's radically reshaping web development as we know it. Savvy web developers around the world are already rushing to embrace the power of AI.

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The role of a strength and conditioning coach remains ambiguous and undefined. From one university to the next, there are rarely clearly set metrics to measure success. Tracy Zimmer, S&C coach from the University of Pennsylvania discusses how the use of AI and data through objective movement assessments and technology has helped Penn Athletics improve performance and reduce injury. She also shares how Sparta data aligns the organization from sport coaches, to athletic trainers and strength & conditioning coaches like herself, keeping everyone accountable to building better athletes who are resilient against injury and perform better at their sport. Speaker Bio: Tracy Zimmer has been at Penn since 2010 and serves an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Custody dispute? A judge can order you to use this app to deal with your ex.


Welcome to Small Humans, an ongoing series at Mashable that looks at how to take care of – and deal with – the kids in your life. Because Dr. Spock is nice and all, but it's 2019 and we have the entire internet to contend with. Legally mandated app usage is officially now a thing. Say hello to coParenter, an app designed to facilitate the often-fraught dealings of two non-married or separated individuals trying to jointly raise a kid. The app, available for download in the App Store and on Google Play, officially launched Jan. 17 with the promise to both save parents money and keep them out of court.

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AI has taken its space in all aspects of this digital world. Users become accustomed to experience the benefits of AI. Users get helped well and they are able to get their usual chores like alarm setting, reminders, playing music, etc, done by AI, getting things done simpler and saving the time to a great extent. AI creates expert systems and implements the intelligence of humans into machines. When it comes to AI in web development, it makes the web applications to analyse, observe and learn from the habits and the preferences of the users.

Virtual Representations for Iterative IoT Deployment

arXiv.org Artificial Intelligence

A central vision of the Internet of Things is the representation of the physical world in a consistent virtual environment. Especially in the context of smart factories the connection of the different, heterogeneous production modules through a digital shop floor promises faster conversion rates, data-driven maintenance or automated machine configurations for use cases, which have not been known at design time. Nevertheless, these scenarios demand IoT representations of all participating machines and components, which requires high installation efforts and hardware adjustments. We propose an incremental process for bringing the shop floor closer to the IoT vision. Currently the majority of systems, components or parts are not yet connected with the internet and might not even provide the possibility to be technically equipped with sensors. However, those could be essential parts for a realistic digital shop floor representation. We, therefore, propose Virtual Representations, which are capable of independently calculating a physical object's condition by dynamically collecting and interpreting already available data through RESTful Web APIs. The internal logic of such Virtual Representations are further adjustable at runtime, since changes to its respective physical object, its environment or updates to the resource itself should not cause any downtime.