How AI And Machine Learning Is Changing Responsive Website Designing


The age of Artificial intelligence is not too far down the line. Over the last few years, scientists and researchers have worked tirelessly to develop such a form of technology. Conducted over a series of tests, artificial intelligence has proven to be effective and valuable in terms of routine work. Time and again it has been noted that Artificial Intelligence is capable of timely execution of mechanical and uniform tasks. With AI shaping future of web design, the general perception is that it will tick all the right boxes of the level and accuracy.

Temenos launches SaaS banking service in US to speed digital transformation


Temenos AG, a Geneva-based banking software company, announced the launch of its banking-as-a-service platform in the U.S., which it says can help launch a digital banking platform go live in 90 days. The Tenemos SaaS platform is designed to offer a range services like digital onboarding, know-your-customer verification, personal financial management and support for artificial intelligence, chatbots, wearables and other technology, according to a press release. "With our new U.S. front-to-back SaaS product for digital banks, we will revolutionize the software banking landscape in the U.S., which is a highly strategic market for us," Max Chuard, CEO of Temenos, said in the release. Temenos has worked with some of the fastest growing challenger banks in the U.S, including Grasshopper and Varo Money, Volt Bank and Judo Bank in Australia and Leumi's Pepper in Israel, according to the release. Temenos also works with incumbent financial institutions, including Commerce Bank and Partners Federal Credit Union, in Burbank, California.

Amazon Web Services enlists AI to help NASA get ahead of solar superstorms


If the sun throws out a radiation blast of satellite-killing proportions someday, Amazon Web Services may well play a role in heading off a technological doomsday. That's the upshot of a project that has NASA working with AWS Professional Services and the Amazon Machine Learning Solutions Lab to learn more about the early warning signs of a solar superstorm, with the aid of artificial intelligence. Solar storms occur when disturbances on the sun's surface throw off a blasts of radiation and eruptions of electrically charged particles at speeds of millions of miles per hour. A sufficiently strong radiation blast can impact radio communications over half of the globe. And if the eruptions, known as coronal mass ejection or CMEs, are strong enough and sweep directly past Earth, they can damage satellites and bring down power grids.

Daily AIT Roundup: The 5 Coolest Things on Earth Today


AI Daily Roundup starts today! We are covering the top updates from around the world. The updates will feature state-of-the-art capabilities in computer vision, Machine Learning, knowledge representation, reasoning, and human-system interactions. We will cover the role of AI and their application in various industries and daily lives. Zendesk, Inc. released the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report 2020, analyzing how businesses can drive customer loyalty, what matters most to people when they engage with businesses, and what differentiates leading companies from their competitors.

Fast Variational Inference for Large-scale Internet Diagnosis

Neural Information Processing Systems

Web servers on the Internet need to maintain high reliability, but the cause of intermittent failures of web transactions is non-obvious. We use Bayesian inference to diagnose problems with web services. This diagnosis problem is far larger than any previously attempted: it requires inference of 10 4 possible faults from 10 5 observations. Further, such inference must be performed in less than a second. Inference can be done at this speed by combining a variational approximation, a mean-field approximation, and the use of stochastic gradient descent to optimize a variational cost function.

r/MachineLearning - [P] Simple Python based IP camera monitoring web service for motion detection and ROI classification


Hi! Just sharing with my recent project clever-camera which is a simple IP camera monitoring web service which uses MobileNet classifier to filter camera events based on the predicted labels - with possibility to search through the history of events or send email notifications in the case of camera movement detection. In practice CC uses MobileNetV3 to classify the content of selected ROIs, so one can filter events using predicted labels e.g. The application was written to work realtime ( 1 FPS) on Raspberry Pi 4 (in my case, I had low power consumption requirements), but it can be also run on a standard desktop/laptop with Ubuntu. You just need to have access to some IP camera to run monitoring. The whole application is just a few files and it's completely written in Python (thanks to remigui library), so it should be relatively easy for anyone to modify the code to e.g.

Technology Trends That Will Disrupt The Future Of Work In 2020


There was a not-so-quiet revolution on the technology front in 2019. Software as a service (SaaS) came into its own. Artificial intelligence got smarter, and augmented reality became real. All of this not only changed the way we live, but how we work. It's a long-running joke that the CIO is really the "CI No."

Will AI help companies deliver better CX in a multi-experience future?


Another big headache for companies is to make their disparate CX systems talk to each other and work as an integrated solution. Today, there is a dearth of holistic solutions that can manage the entire customer lifecycle--from acquisition to retention to life-time value (LTV) management. "There are different piecemeal offerings from different solution providers. For example, there are a lot of sales analytics companies out there who help sales teams optimize their processes; likewise, there are a lot of marketing attribution and automation software that have AI capabilities to help marketers spend their budgets more optimally and so on. Similarly, on the customer success side, there are tools for churn prediction and other areas, but the overall customer journey stack is broken," says Swaminathan Padmanabhan, director of data science at Freshworks.

15 jobs no one knew about in 2010 that everyone will want in 2020


LinkedIn released its list of the top emerging jobs for 2020. These jobs have grown substantially in the last five years, and LinkedIn predicts they will continue to increase demand in the new year. Demand for artificial intelligence specialists grew 74% over the last five years. The job requires fluency in deep learning and machine learning. Cities hiring the most for artificial intelligence specialists include Boston and San Francisco.