Is Machine Learning and AI ready for the mainstream in the data center?


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Privacy Concerns Of Citizens Related To Drone Use – DEEP AERO DRONES – Medium


The Public Safety Department of Pittsburgh will be using two drones to help first responders reach where police and firefighters can't. The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV's) would be used to fight fires, in search and rescue operations, and even in active shooter situations. The UAV's equipped with high-definition camera and thermal imaging, would bring up some privacy concern for citizen. "It's much safer and much cheaper to use technology than put a police officer or firefighter in jeopardy," said Wendell Hissrich, Director of the Public Safety Department. "Considering the public safety, it won't be used as surveillance."

Capitalism and the artificial intelligence revolution


The object of the military and intelligence agencies' use of artificial intelligence is the holy grail of every totalitarian regime: what the National Security Agency called "total information awareness," or, as its unofficial mission statement put it, "Collect It All, Know It All… Exploit It All." This mission statement, which in another context would seem to be an unhinged dictator's megalomaniacal fantasy, is fast becoming an imminent reality through the power of artificial intelligence. In his statement to the World Socialist Web Site's January 16 online webinar, "Organizing Resistance to Internet Censorship," Wikileaks founder Julian Assange warned of the immense dangers posed to humanity by the misuse of artificial intelligence. "The future of humanity is the struggle between humans that control machines and machines that control humans. Between the democratization of communication and usurpation of communication by artificial intelligence," Assange warned.

Alexa, How Do You Really Work?


On this week's If Then, Slate's April Glaser and Will Oremus discuss the outrage at the largest TV-station owner in the country--Sinclair Broadcasting--after the media conglomerate forced its local-news anchors to read a script that echoes Trumpian talking points. They also unpack Trump's beef about Jeff Bezos owning what he calls the #AmazonWashingtonPost. Meanwhile, music streaming site Spotify went public this week in a totally new kind of way. The hosts take a look at its unorthodox move and what it means for the company's future.

March Machine Learning Madness! Amazon Web Services


Mid-march in the USA means millions of people watching, and betting on, college basketball (I live here but I didn't make the rules). As the NCAA college championship continues I wanted to briefly highlight the work of Wesley Pasfield one of our Professional Services Machine Learning Specialists. Wesley was able to take data from kenpom.com and College Basketball Reference to build a model predicting the outcome of March Madness using the Amazon SageMaker built-in XGBoost algorithm. Wesley walks us through grabbing the data, performing an exploratory data analysis (EDA in the data science lingo), reshaping the data for the xgboost algorithm, using the SageMaker SDK to create a training job for two different models, and finally creating a SageMaker inference endpoint for serving predictions at https://cbbpredictions.com/. Check out part one of the post and part two.

Introduction to the Microsoft AI Platform – Carpe Datum


I recently recorded an introduction to the Microsoft Artificial Intelligence suite of tools and services you can use in your organization, from what is already built into Microsoft applications you own, through leveraging Cognitive Services, customizing AI, all the way through writing your own AI with Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks. I also explained how to run these services, or host the ones you write on Microsoft Azure using web apps, Docker, and other technologies. And I have a full article on these technologies that you can read here. We have a whole series of these webinars - you can find the list here.

AI-powered Growth Marketing for Competitive Edge in 2018


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a thing of sci-fi movies. According to the Chief Marketing Technologist blog by Martech Guru Scott Brinker, AI is being embedded across almost every product category in marketing technology. This makes AI a business-critical element for marketers and decision-makers. When you use AI to optimise your send time, frequency, channel mix, content, and more in your campaign engagement, you have more space for higher-order work. Sign up for this webinar with Industry expert VeerChand Bothra, Chief Innovation Officer, Netcore Solutions, to explore the current state of AI and Machine Learning.

DSC Webinar Series: Data Contributions to a Conversational AI Platform


Voice technology and natural language recognition is at the forefront of AI development that is transforming our everyday life, and will undoubtedly be part of our future. Deep learning is at the core of identifying and processing voice for automation and new innovations. Join this Data Science Central webinar as conversational AI pioneer, Voicebox, shares their journey from an on-premise system that was manually intensive and costly to maintain, to an agile cloud platform that has allowed them to build, schedule, and run multiple production data pipelines that feed into their deep learning models with ease.

Recommended Procurement Webinars March 26-30: AI, Data Instincts, Internal Champions, and Effective Leadership


There are ten webinars in four days, and SIG is hosting their Spring Summit in Washington D.C. from the 26th through the 29th (be sure to seek out Phil Ideson if you're going). If you like to plan further ahead, I recommend "Trade Wars & Supply Chains: Measuring and Managing the Impact" from Supply & Demand Chain Executive and Resilinc on April 26th at 1pm ET. Click on the title of each recommended webinar below to view the full description and register. BTW: If you haven't already, sign up for our mailing list to be sure you get my weekly recommendations in your Inbox each Monday. How Artificial Intelligence will (and won't) change Procurement and Contracting (Determine, Forrester) There has been so much hype around technologies such as AI, machine learning, and cognitive computing that they've practically achieved "IT SLICES!