ADV Webinar: The Impact of Machine Learning on the Enterprise Today - DATAVERSITY


Despite the dramatic changes we have seen in business recently, another level of change looms. We are headed toward a future permeated with artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML), where machines take on more of the work people have traditionally done, and then some. The potential for ML is enormous. We are at the dawn of a whole new era of intelligent devices that will revolutionize our business and personal worlds. Corporations wishing to lead with AI/ML should make plans now to establish their initiatives and their technology framework and nurture the necessary skills.

Transform Healthcare With A Solid AI Strategy


BST: 15:00 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly becoming a ubiquitous part of healthcare administration, operations, care delivery, research and discovery. Yet, many CIOs and C-suite leadership still feel it is over-hype and fail to understand the value proposition and it's transformative, disruptive potential. AI technology innovations that could reduce costs, improve outcomes and decrease risk are being ignored. The industry will soon splinter between those organizations leading the industry's transformation with game-changing technologies and those entrenched in old ways of doing business. This complimentary webinar explores the difference between those two sides: A solid AI strategy.

Webinar: Shawmut uses AI to manage project risk at scale


Data from OxBlue, Procore, and our 360 photos coming together and being used to identify indicators of risk is a key benefit of the Smartvid system. No person could ever review all of those photos, but with Vinnie, we can use them to look for signals of risk.--

AI and Data Science Innovation with Amazon SageMaker


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is right here, right now--and it's changing our lives. The need for business optimization, combined with explosive growth in data and recent advances in applied statistics and cloud computing, has created a perfect storm of innovation. TIBCO brings real-time AI to business challenges with the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud. In this webinar, we show real-time AI in action using Amazon SageMaker, TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud, and open source--with at-scale, in-database compute, visual composition and notebooks, Slack-style collaboration among users, and model lifecycle deployment via low-code tooling such as TIBCO Cloud Live Apps software. We include case studies in equipment surveillance, dynamic pricing, risk management, route optimization, and customer engagement.

[Webinar] Machine Learning In Trading Q&A By Dr. Ernest P. Chan


In our webinars, we try to cater to all the questions/queries sent in by the attendees. Some questions are common to a lot of people while some are exclusive and niche. Both types of questions bring new perspectives to all the participants and shed more clarity on the topic. Do you wish to apply your technical skills in AI, Cloud, Machine Learning etc. to Financial Markets? Do you belong or aspire to belong to the algorithmic trading community?

Why Your AI Contact Center Will Never Be the Same webinara.com


Today, the contact center is at an inflexion point. Artificial intelligence is here and with it comes the ability to recognize customer situations and solve their problems faster. With the rise of chatbots, this marks the beginning of the shift to digital labor, meaning the automation of tasks that are performed by computer applications that were previously performed by humans. Digital labor can be used in contact centers to solve problems that humans are having with a particular product or service. Aragon predicts that by 2021, digital labor will become a key feature of intelligent contact center offerings.

Better Future through AI: Avoiding Pitfalls and Guiding AI Towards its Full Potential

arXiv.org Artificial Intelligence

After 60 years, Artificial intelligence (AI) has moved from academic research discipline to a technology that affects people's lives every day. We have digital assistants with which you can carry rudimentary conversations, systems that make medical diagnoses more accurately than humans, and cars that drive themselves in regular traffic, for instance. At the same time, despite decades of development, AI is still in its infancy when it comes to commercial applications. There are few standards, little cooperation across companies and countries, and business users and consumers still rely on a small group of experts to be able contribute to AI solutions. There are significant issues that also need to be solved to ensure that as AI adoption grows, it creates positive effects on businesses and society.

Webinar: Getting Started With AI-optimised Architecture csiltd


Join our upcoming webinar'Getting Started With AI-Optimised Architecture' on Thursday 6th June at 11 am. In this webinar, we will be joined by Chris Parsons, AI Technical Lead at IBM to explain why it's important to optimise your business infrastructure and why the hardware matters for successful AI projects. All attendees will qualify for CSI's Identify & Imagine AI Workshop – the ideal next step in defining your goals and starting your AI strategy. Register now to find out how CSI can help you get a competitive edge with cognitive solutions. Please fill in the fields below to register for this event.

Racing tips from AWS DeepRacer League winners in Stockholm, and AWS DeepRacer TV! Amazon Web Services


The AWS DeepRacer League is the world's first global autonomous racing league. There are races at 21 AWS Summits globally and select Amazon events, as well as monthly virtual races happening online and open for racing. No matter where you are in the world or your skill level, you can join the league. Get a chance to win AWS DeepRacer cars and the top prize of an all-expenses-paid trip to re:Invent 2019, to compete in the AWS DeepRacer Championship Cup. The competition is heating up as the Summit Circuit hit the halfway mark in Sweden this week.