Tech Q&A: Eavesdropping Echo, flammable laptops, switching to Android and more

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Want to know more about Amazon Echo, the HP laptop battery recall, ransomware, web printing and switching to Android? I have an Amazon Echo. I am really concerned it is listening all the time. Does it have any privacy settings? A: The fact remains that Echo records all of your commands, and the microphone is always active because the device is always listening for a "wake phrase."

The Best of CES 2018


After 51 years, CES in Las Vegas still manages to pack some surprises. No, I'm not talking about the rain that caused crazy floods or the two-hour blackout in Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. I'm talking about 65-inch rollable OLED displays, robotic dogs, and $4,000 treadmills that deliver live workout classes on HD screens. There were plenty of less surprising, though no less welcome, innovations on display as well. I wasn't at all surprised to see voice assistance play a bigger role than ever this year, for instance.

Amazon updates the Alexa app so you can actually use Alexa


Amazon's Alexa app is about to get a lot more useful. That's because the company is finally bringing the full powers of its assistant to the Alexa smartphone app. SEE ALSO: Your bathroom could soon be a'smart bathroom' thanks to Kohler Until now, the Alexa app was primarily used for controlling settings, timers, and various Alexa-enabled devices, but you couldn't actually use any of Alexa's assistant capabilities. It's not the first time the full-fledged Alexa assistant has made its way to the smartphone screen. Now anyone with the Alexa app can take advantage of the voice assistant on their phones.

The AI Powerhouse that is Transforming Scanning and Document Storage - Future Of Work


I've written in the past how adopting e-signatures--specifically Adobe Sign--was a game-changer for our businessbecause it saves time, reduces costs, and greatly boosts efficiency. It's a no-brainer that e-signatures are the way to go for businesses in the digital age, especially given the importance of documents in our everyday workflow. Just because our reliance on documents as business tools has been around for so long, doesn't mean our approach to handling them should be archaic. In fact, focusing on the customer experience starts with documents, and nobody knows that better than Adobe Document Cloud. Through an app that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI), Adobe Scan now allows users to convert photos of documents to versatile, editable PDFs, eliminating the need for scanners altogether and revolutionizing document storage in the process.

5 CES 2018 announcements that put Alexa inside cars


Amazon's Alexa strategy is to be everywhere: ubiquitous, omnipresent, and all-knowing, like some AI god. In pursuit of that goal, the Seattle-based company certainly covered some ground at last week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The extension of the Home Skills API to control microwaves and ovens adds to the more than 800 skills and more than 1,000 devices that Alexa can control in the home today. When it comes to cars, however, Alexa has made fewer inroads. That's why VentureBeat drew up this list of five ways Alexa will enter vehicles in 2018, as revealed at CES. Select Toyota vehicles, like 2018 models of the Camry and Sienna, as well as some Lexus vehicles, will be able to speak with Alexa this year.

Microsoft to drop its HealthVault Insights apps


While Microsoft is continuing to focus on the intersection of health technology and artificial intelligence, it is discontinuing one of its projects in this space. Microsoft is trying again to tackle the healthcare market with a concerted strategy involving artificial intelligence, productivity tools, and partnerships. Microsoft is removing its HealthVault Insights application from the iOS, Android and Windows stores before the end of January 2018, according to an update on the HealthVault site. In the note about the discontinuation, Microsoft officials described HealthVault Insights as "a research project... with the goal of helping patients generate new insights about their health." Sounds like that is right in Microsoft's analytics/health/machine learning wheelhouse.

Galaxy S9 To Feature Face ID? Samsung AI Gets Facial Recognition Technology

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Samsung Electronics has revealed that its Internet of Things or IoT platform now has facial recognition technology. Does this mean the South Korea tech giant could be incorporating a Face ID-like feature to its upcoming Galaxy S9 flagship? On Thursday, South Korean online news outlet Etnews learned that Samsung's IoT platform, called "ARTIK," has absorbed a technology that will allow its to recognize faces based on machine learning. This means Samsung products that support its IoT platform could also be capable of recognizing users through facial recognition. Samsung has also said that the machine learning of ARTIK can recognize faces with the help of Microsoft's "MS-Celeb-1M," a large scale real world face image dataset that already contains images of 1 million people.

Learn to build apps driven by AI in this new course dedicated to mobile machine learning


Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. Machine learning is a rapidly growing field within Artificial Intelligence that powers everything from self-driving cars to your iPhone's FaceID. It's a great skill to add to your résumé and LinkedIn profile if you're looking to get into or advance a career in programming. Tons of online learning courses are dedicated to teaching this in-demand skill, but this course bundle claims to be the only one specializing in machine learning for mobile devices.

Remote Machine Learning Data Engineer at BuzzBird


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Egnyte Integration


Want to save time looking for photos and videos from your projects? Need to find a specific image from your projects? Then, use image recognition "tagging" to easily search - no more sifting through photos!