How to turn your mom's savings into $1 billion? Ask this guy


After Steven Yang left his coveted job at Google, he asked his mother whether he should take venture-capital money to fund his business idea. If his online consumer-electronics enterprise was a risky bet, she told him, go with the venture capitalists. But if building the business into something great was his destiny, he instead should use her money from a pharmaceutical career in China. So Yang combined his Google money with his mom's, and with less than $1 million in seed capital he moved from California to Shenzhen, a hub in southern China for technology companies. Seven years later, Anker Innovations Technology Co. sells products ranging from smartphone chargers to portable power banks on

WWDC 2018: 9 features I want to see in iOS 12


Video: iPhone lovers are desperate for changes. Apple has invited members of the press to the opening keynote for its Worldwide Developer Conference. It will take place on June 4 at 10am PST/1pm EST. During the keynote, Apple typically shows off the next version of its latest operating systems and occasionally some new hardware. This year, we can expect to see updates to iOS, tvOS, macOS, watchOS, and hopefully updates to the HomePod.

Artificial Intelligence: Redefining photography in the smartphone world - ET Telecom


By Will Yang Technology in today's day and age has enabled a human to do things and accomplish far more than one could think of a few years back. Thanks to rapidly evolving and innovative technologies, personal lives have become more enriched. Meaningful collaborations between a human and machine/technology has in many ways provided a wealth of opportunities to us making our lives comfortable. One such technology buzzword in the industry today is Artificial Intelligence. Once a topic for science fiction, Artificial Intelligence technology is now being used by brands across industries and categories.

Arm Gives Glimpse of AI Core


Engineers are nearly finished with RTL for the design with hopes of snagging a commitment within weeks for use in a premium smartphone in 2019 or later. Analysts generally praised the architecture as a flexible but late response to a market that is already crowded with dozens of rivals. However, Arm still needs to show detailed performance and area numbers for the core, which may not see first silicon until next year. The first core is aimed at premium smartphones that are already using AI accelerator blocks from startup DeePhi (Samsung Galaxy), Cambricon (Huawei Kirin), and in-house designs (iPhone). The good news for Arm is that it's already getting some commercial traction for the neural-networking software for its cores, released as open source, that sits under frameworks such as TensorFlow.

PASoftware Uses Your iPhone Camera and Machine Learning To Generate High-Quality Baseball Analytics

Forbes Technology

Baseball arguably has the deepest game analytics out of any major league sport. These insights are only generated during games using expensive, specialized equipment and a team of expert baseball statisticians. It would be impossible to generate similar statistics in real-time for amateur competition or recreational play. However, one avid baseball fan has built two smartphone applications to allow recreational baseball players to generate these statistics as they practice and play. PASoftware Team (from left to right): Andrew White (CIO), Jacob Zarbosky (CTO), Will Bowen (VP), Matt Bowen (Founder & CEO).

Free up storage space and declutter your iPhone with Gemini Photos


If you're like me, you've not given a lot of thought to curating your iPhone photo library. In fact, whenever I look at mine I'm horrified at how many duplicates images, blurry captures, and screenshots that I no longer need that I have filling up my precious storage space. I could go through my photos manually and sort them out, but let's face it, if that was going to happen, it would have already happened. Fortunately, there's an app that will do all the hard work for me. Enter Gemini Photos by MacPaw.

When Will 5G Launch In The UK And Why Is This Exciting?

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It regularly makes the headlines, but what everyone wants to know is when will 5G launch in the UK and how much of a difference will it make? Your cellphone and all the smart kit in your home, your car and public spaces are about to get supercharged by fifth generation mobile technology, or 5G as it is known. The aim of 4G was to make it possible to receive high-speed data on the move, 5G is going to move more mobile data faster than it ever has before. Websites will load faster than a blink of an eyelid and that buffering that happens as we wait for video to download to our screens should be a thing of the past. The USP of 5G, however, is that it will vastly increase the number of devices that can connect to a single base station, allowing machines to communicate with each other much faster. raises $5M round for home sales prediction platform

#artificialintelligence, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to predict when people are going to move, has raised $5 million in Series A funding. Launched in 2016, the Durham, North Carolina-based company develops software that predicts when people are likely to buy a home based on salaries, spending behaviors and major life events. "First helps agents identify the relationships they should be nurturing, and puts them in the right place at the right time to unlock the latent value of an agent's network," said First founder and CEO Mike Schneider in a statement. "This round of funding not only brings us partners with a wealth of expertise and additional, powerful distribution channels. It will also accelerate our development of new innovative products to help top agents leverage industry-leading intelligence to grow their businesses faster than ever."

How AI Could Increase The Risk Of Nuclear War


Could artificial intelligence upend concepts of nuclear deterrence that have helped spare the world from nuclear war since 1945? Stunning advances in AI--coupled with a proliferation of drones, satellites, and other sensors--raise the possibility that countries could find and threaten each other's nuclear forces, escalating tensions. Lt. Col. Stanislav Petrov settled into the commander's chair in a secret bunker outside Moscow. His job that night was simple: Monitor the computers that were sifting through satellite data, watching the United States for any sign of a missile launch. It was just after midnight, Sept. 26, 1983.

Apple could soon release cheaper 'Mini' version of its $350 HomePod

Daily Mail

Apple may have released the HomePod just a few months ago, but rumors are already circulating about what's in store next for the smart speaker. The latest is that the iPhone maker could be preparing to release a cheaper version of the $350 HomePod, according to Chinese site Sina. The device would be priced at a significant discount of up to $200, and would be available through Apple's Beats audio brand. Apple might be releasing a cheaper, smaller version of its HomePod speaker. The report from Sina doesn't mention when a cheaper HomePod would go on sale, but noted that Apple is discussing the plans with one of its suppliers, a Taiwanese chip manufacturer called MediaTek.