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Unsupervised Joint Alignment of Complex Images


Such registration reduces the variability that an identification system or classifier must contend with in the modeling process. Subsequent identification can condition on spatial position for a detailed analysis of the structure of the object in question. Thus, many recognition algorithms assume the prior rough alignment of objects to a canonical pose [1, 7, 15, 17]. In general, the better this alignment is, the better identification results will be. In fact, alignment itself has emerged as an important sub-problem in the face recognition literature [18], and a number of systems exist for the detailed alignment of specific categories of objects, such as faces [3, 4, 5, 6, 12, 19, 20]. We point out that it is frequently much easier to obtain images that are roughly aligned than those that are precisely aligned, indicating an important role for automatic alignment procedures.

Is Data a Differentiator for Your Business? If So, Traditional OCR Cannot Be An Answer - insideBIGDATA


If your business is driven by data, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) -- as most of us know it -- is not the answer. For those of you who view OCR as an industry staple for document processing, let me explain. OCR as a technology has been around for ages and it still has its place in processing unstructured document formats like PDFs, images, and other text formats that cannot be edited digitally. Users can quickly convert those files into editable documents. In short, it's a terrific technology for enabling you to edit and search for files that may have been "frozen."

Biden widely mocked on social media for bizarre hand gestures

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on Social media users took to the internet following President Biden's recent town hall, drawing comparisons between his behavior and that of the cartoon character Beavis from "Beavis and Butt-head" At one point during the town hall, Biden was shown holding his arms bent out in front of him with his fists clinched. That moment was clipped and shared to social media by several people, including political commentator Mike Cernovich, who questioned, "What is Biden doing?" "Biden is straight comedy," wrote former NBA player Andrew Bogut. Other users simply shared photos of the president in the moment alongside pictures of Beavis, who is known for a hyperactive alter-ego, The Great Cornholio, that exhibits the same behavior.

EAB talk probes balance between border biometrics benefits and rights risks


Achieving a balance between the benefits of biometrics in border processes and the risk that they may cause harm to fundamental rights will require gathering more data about the problems biometrics collection is meant to address, as well as detailed policy considerations, attendees heard in the European Association for Biometrics' (EAB's) virtual lunch talk this week. Bianca-Ioana Marcu of Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) gave a presentation on'Biometrics, Facial Recognition and the Fundamental Rights of Migrants,' focussing on the EU migration management context, and considering non-technical impacts. Marcu noted a tangle of databases that could be involved in EU migration processes, but focussed on the EURODAC database. Biometrics have been adopted in immigration systems to apply efficiency, trust and reliability to the large numbers of people moving between countries, Marcu points out. Pressures on EU external borders, both from migration volumes and terrorism concerns, have resulted in a move towards "the establishment of a genuine security union," she says, facilitated by EU-wide information systems.

Swim Transformer is all you need for Computer Vision


The title might be a bit of a stretch, but let's look at why Swin Transformer is the latest State-Of-The-Art architecture. The Swin Transformer is the latest addition to the Transformer-based architecture for computer vision tasks. The Swin Transformer has proved to be a game-changer in computer vision tasks like object detection, image classification, semantic segmentation, and other vision tasks. The Swin Transformer uses Patch Merging and shifted window-based self-attention to achieve hierarchical representation and, reduced computational complexity respectively. In this post, we'll deep dive into the concepts and working of Swin Transformer and discuss why it performs well on computer vision tasks.

Object Detection Web App With TensorFlow, OpenCV And Flask


Detecting Objects and finding out their names from images is a very challenging and interesting field of Computer Vision. The core science behind Self Driving Cars, Image Captioning and Robotics lies in Object Detection. In this course, you are going to build a Object Detection Model from Scratch using Python's OpenCV library using Pre-Trained Coco Dataset. The model will be deployed as an Web App using Flask Framework of Python. IF YOU FIND THIS FREE UDEMY COURSE " Object Detection Web App "USEFUL AND HELPFUL PLEASE GO AHEAD SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE WITH YOUR FRIENDS WHILE THE COURSE IS STILL AVAILABLE

Trying to copy and paste text from images? Try this intuitive Mac app.


TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to TextSniper for Mac is on sale for £2.93 as of Oct. 22, saving you 42% on list price. TextSniper is a Mac app that lets you extract text from sources like images, YouTube videos, PDFs, screenshots, or presentations. Thanks to advanced OCR (optical character recognition) technology, TextSniper can scan and recognise the text within any digital image, video, or document. It will then copy it, allowing you to paste the text directly into an editable format, like a note, text, or even Google Doc. It can also turn recognised text into speech, in case there's a word or phrase you need to be pronounced, and scan barcodes and QR codes and turn them into text.

Computer Vision Engineer


Due to contractual restrictions, only candidates that are US Persons (citizens, permanent residents, asylees or refugees) will be considered for this position.

Facial recognition payment system launched in Moscow


Commuters in Moscow, Russia now have the option of using the new voluntary payment method called "Face Pay". This method allows them to sign up by scanning their face in front of a camera at a designated turnstile. Prior to this commuters had an option available to submit their card details along with their photo identification. Moscow's transport department has stated that any information stored on commuters to allow them to use Face Pay is encrypted securely. The facial recognition payment system is totally voluntary as all other payment systems also continue to be used.

Transformers in computer vision: ViT architectures, tips, tricks and improvements


Finally, DeiT relies on data regularization techniques like stochastic depth. Ultimately, strong augmentations and regularization are limiting ViT's tendency to overfit in the small data regimes. Overall architecture of the proposed Pyramid Vision Transformer (PVT).