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Droning the Future of India


As an avid (retail and otherwise) investor and contributor in Indian and world technology markets, with the inputs from my friend from one of the largest Indian online brokerage firm; I am expressing my and collective views on Indian Drone Industry Growth in general. Please expect a technical analysis of the mechanism of Drone in separate post- however, right now i am trying and attempting to spice up and invite interest of non scientific community to this beautiful application based on ground Indian reality. These Drone companies, will provide commercial robotic drones and drone-based solutions for crop protection, crop health, precision farming, and yield monitoring using artificial intelligence and analytics for the agricultural sector. Some of the very promising Indian stocks worth buying in this area (***pls check for yourself and analyze instead of buying them straight way). Adani Enterprises*** announced on May 27 that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire a 50 percent stake in General Aeronautics Private Limited.

Sensitive Iranian Military Site Was Targeted in Attack

NYT > Middle East

In early February, Israel sent six quadcopter drones containing explosives into a facility near the city of Kermanshah that was Iran's main manufacturing and storage plant for military drones, according to a senior intelligence official briefed on the operation. That Israeli attack destroyed dozens of Iran's drones. Iran retaliated by firing ballistic missiles at a housing complex in northern Iraq that it said had been used by Israeli agents to plot attacks against Iran. In June 2021, another attack using a quadcopter drone -- which explodes on impact -- was also launched from within the country. It struck the Iran Centrifuge Technology Company, or TESA, in the city of Karaj.

Pixy drone hands-on: A flying robot photographer for Snapchat users


Drones are everywhere these days, filming dramatic reveals and awe-inspiring scenery for social media platforms. The problem is, they're not exactly approachable for beginners who have only ever used a smartphone. Last month, Snap debuted the $230 Pixy drone exactly for those people. It requires very little skill and acts like a personal robot photographer to help you produce nifty aerial shots. You don't need to pilot the Pixy.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence Technology to Drive the Commercial Drones Industry


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Let's talk robotics with Tom Caska -- EXAPTEC


Tom is also a co-inventor of an advanced 3D flight navigation algorithm for drones which is being utilised in new software applications for Aerologix. Tom guest lecturers at one of Australia's top universities – The University of New South Wales, teaching subject matter on Unmanned flight, he also holds a position on a government subcommittee dedicated to developing rules and regulations for unmanned aerial vehicles. Tom's passion for disruptive technology is infections, he is always looking for new challenges, especially drone tech and IoT. Tom has a very successful track record of establishing, executing and delivering large complex technical projects, Tom recently set up the largest drone network in Australia to monitor 1700 km of coastline to enhance swimmer safety. Tom enjoys complex problem solving and welcomes the challenge of empowering team members and creating new innovative ways to solve real-world problems. He has a high passion for life and enjoys a healthy lifestyle, and loves adventure sports such as kitesurfing, mountain biking when time permits.

Walmart is expanding its drone delivery service across six states


For nearly two years, Walmart has been testing a drone delivery program across parts of the US. Now the company says it's ready to expand that offering. By the end of the year, the retailer plans to add 34 sites to its existing DroneUp network. With the expansion, approximately 4 million households in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Texas, Utah and Virginia will have access to drone deliveries from the retailer. For a delivery fee of $4, you can order up to 10 pounds of groceries and household items.

Walmart Expanding Drone Delivery Network to Six States WSJD - Technology

Walmart is expanding its drone delivery operations to some 4 million households in six states, as the big-box retailer looks to add speedy delivery to compete in the nascent space with the likes of Walmart said Tuesday that it will be able to deliver more than 1 million packages by drone a year in as little as 30 minutes to households in parts of Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Texas, Utah and Virginia. The service will have a $3.99 delivery fee per order and can deliver up to 10 pounds at a time.

Downed drone in Yemen's capital kills three

Al Jazeera

At least three people have been killed in Yemen's capital Sanaa when an armed drone crashed in a busy neighbourhood after being shot down, Houthi officials said. The health minister in the rebel Houthi administration that runs Sanaa said another three people were injured on Monday when the drone landed in a commercial area, the official news agency reported. In a statement, the Houthis said that their air defence system downed the drone and that it belonged to the Saudi-led coalition, which backs the Yemeni government in the country's war. "Our air defences downed a Chinese-made CH4 armed spy plane belonging to the Saudi air force with a surface-to-air missile," Houthi military spokesman Yahya Saree said on Twitter. Before a while,Our air defenses shot down a Chinese-made armed spy plane CH4 belonging to the Saudi Air Force with a locally-made surface-to-air missile, while violating the truce and carrying out hostile acts in the airspace of the capital, Sana'a.

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Indian Army's C4ISR: Here is what the Chief said


One of the major lessons learnt from the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war is that multi-domain battle space is getting more influenced by technology. And these include usage of swarms of drones, missiles, unmanned ground vehicles and more. And all of these are being driven by Artificial Intelligence or computer algorithms – these are used in the war zones to not only process huge quantities of information, but have the ability to make decisions. "Artificial intelligence is definitely being leveraged for enhancing the current C4ISR capabilities. The National Task Force had identified the 12 AI domains and the Indian Army has since undertaken projects both in-house as well as with the industry, especially deep tech start-ups," the Indian Army Chief Gen Manoj Pande told Financial Express Online.

Building Smarter Apps Using Mobile Artificial Intelligence


Mobile artificial intelligence is disrupting the already breakneck-paced mobile app development game. In 2020, the mobile AI sector reached a valuation of 2.14 billion dollars, and that number is expected to grow 4.5x by the year 2026. It's safe to say that mobile artificial intelligence is here to stay, so let's find out how this innovative technology is used in mobile app development. Mobile artificial intelligence aims at making mobile technology smarter and more functional for users. A well-known example of the power of mobile AI is Amazon's Alexa Shopping product, which has freed up countless hours of customer support grunt work for Amazon.