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A Mind Without A Brain: The Science Of Plant Intelligence Takes Root

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Do plants have a mind? "My work is not about metaphors at all," says Monica Gagliano. "When I talk about learning, I mean learning. When I talk about memory, I mean memory." Gagliano, an evolutionary ecologist, is talking about plants. She's adopted methods from behavioral experiments used to test animal intelligence and found that plants respond in a similar manner. The results of her research suggest plants might possess intelligence, memory and learning, although the mechanisms at play may be fundamentally different from those of humans and animals. Her book "Thus Spoke the Plant" will be out this fall. She's received equal amounts of attention and criticism from colleagues and the media. Her work was introduced to the public in an in-depth primer on plant intelligence that came out in The New Yorker in 2013 called, Intelligent Plant.

Data Discovery & Data Governance White Papers Io-Tahoe


Unleash the power of your hidden, undocumented data with automatic discovery with Io-Tahoe. Io-Tahoe is recognized by Gartner as a smart data discovery and modern information stewardship solution. Big Data equals big need for robust Data Governance.

The U.S. Needs a New Paradigm for Data Governance


The U.S. Senate and House hearings last week on Facebook's use of data and foreign interference in the U.S. election raised important challenges concerning data privacy, security, ethics, transparency, and responsibility. They also illuminated what could become a vast chasm between traditional privacy and security laws and regulations and rapidly evolving internet-related business models and activities. To help close this gap, technologists need to seriously reevaluate their relationship with government. Here are four ways to start. Help to increase tech literacy in Washington.

Accelerate Your Personal Data Discovery and Protection Journey


Organizations around the world -- and not just those in the EU but also those consuming goods and services from Europe -- need to prepare now for the EU GDPR. If you're providing electronic goods or services to anyone who's in Europe, be they a citizen, a temporary resident, or even if they're passing through a European airport for half an hour, potentially, GDPR may apply, and you need to comply with that. It may also apply to anyone in the world, anywhere, if you are profiling or doing analytics on them. You have limited time and increasing pressure to get ready by 25 May 2018. GDPR practical data actions and accelerators from IBM can help your organization on its journey to compliance.

Io-Tahoe Announces Machine Learning Smart Data Discovery Platform


Io-Tahoe, a machine learning-driven smart data discovery company recently announced the launch of its smart data discovery platform at the Gartner Data & Analytics 2018 Summit, where it will showcase the product. The new version includes the addition of Data Catalog, a new feature designed to allow data owners and stewards to use a machine learning-based smart catalog to create, maintain and search business rules. Also, it would help define policies and provide governance workflow functionality. It reportedly enables a business user to govern the rules and define policies for critical data elements. It allows data-driven enterprises to enhance information about data automatically, regardless of the underlying technology and build a data catalog.

Six Step Paradigm shift in Recruitment


Have you ever read the history of recruitment? No? Let me give you a gist on the history of recruitment which started way back in 1940's. During the World War II, all soldiers were recruited to increase the battalions. The Recruitment process through the years have completely/drastically changed. In today's time technology has taken a big leap towards automating the entire recruitment lifecycle starting from Sourcing a Candidate till Onboarding a candidate.

Francis at 5: Paradigm Shift in Mercy, Migrants and Marriage

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Pope Francis' humble sense of empathy him admirers around the globe but as he marks his 5th anniversary Tuesday, criticism is growing for the merciful causes he has embraced, and those he has neglected.

Artificial Intelligence In Cybersecurity: A Paradigm Shift -


The threat landscape has moved far beyond programmers trying to show off their exploitative coding skills to their peers. Modern cybercriminals choose efficacy over spectacle and employ a variety of attack methodologies to breach network security. They leverage the most cutting-edge tech to launch swifter, more powerful, and highly sophisticated attacks. With advanced technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence now being integrated into cyber attack methodologies, security experts believe that 2018 could be the year that witnesses the first wave of attacks with true AI capabilities. This spells trouble for global businesses already struggling to deal with high attack volumes and multidimensional attack vectors.

Scientific reasoning on paper


Helping students develop skills in both critical thinking and scientific reasoning is fundamental to science education. However, the relationship between these two constructs remains largely unknown. Dowd et al. examined this issue by investigating how students' critical thinking skills related to scientific reasoning in the context of undergraduate thesis writing. The authors used the BioTAP rubric to assess scientific reasoning and the California Critical Thinking Skills Test to assess critical thinking. Results support the role of inference in scientific reasoning in writing, while also revealing other aspects of scientific reasoning (epistemological considerations and writing conventions) not related to critical thinking.

A 'paradigm shift' in the diagnosis of diabetes: study

The Japan Times

PARIS – Scientists on Friday unveiled a revised classification for diabetes, one they said could lead to better treatments and help doctors more accurately predict life-threatening complications from the disease.