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This is a partial collection of our group's research papers. Please send us email to get papers or reprints that are not available for downloading here. See papers listed by year. Using analogical model formulation with sketches to solve Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test problems.

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The Qualitative Reasoning and Modelling (QRM) portal provides software tools (Garp3), documentation and support for users to build and simulate qualitative models. Qualitative Reasoning (QR) is an area of research within Artificial Intelligence (AI) that automates reasoning and problem solving about the (physical) world. It creates non-numerical descriptions of systems and their behaviour, preserving important behavioural properties and qualitative distinctions. Successful application areas include autonomous spacecraft support, failure analysis and on-board diagnosis of vehicle systems, automated generation of control software for photocopiers, conceptual knowledge capture in ecology, and intelligent aids for human learning (Bredeweg & Struss, 2003). Qualitative Reasoning has particularly value for developing, strengthening and further improving education and training on topics dealing with systems and their behaviour.

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Chatter box abstraction eliminates chatter by performing a focused envisionment while Behavior Aggregation eliminations event occurrence branching. Describes a simulation technique that uses a cross between a state-based representation and a history-based representation. Models are decomposed into components and then each component is simulated separately. Temporal correlations between variables within different components is eliminated thus reducing many irrelevant distinctions within the behavioral description.

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