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Path planning in localization uncertaining environment based on Dijkstra method


Path planning obtains the trajectory from one point to another with the robot’s kinematics model and environment understanding. However, as the localization uncertaining through the odometry sensors is inevitably affected, the position of the moving path will deviate further and further compared to the original path, which leads to path drift in GPS denied environments. This paper proposes a novel path planning algorithm based on Dijkstra to address such issues. By combining statistical characteristics of localization error caused by dead-reckoning, the replanned path with minimum cumulative error is generated with uniforming distribution in the searching space. The simulation verifies the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm. Compared with the path generated by traditional planning algorithm, the result of the proposed algorithm has achieved an effective reduction in cumulative errors. Even if the accuracy of the odometry sensor is quite low, our method can still effectively eliminate the cumulative error during the planning process.

Goal Setting in Data Science


In the digital economy, data is the new gold– indeed, there's a new gold rush -- for businesses. To obtain value from gold, the raw material first needs to be processed -- minted into coins or fashioned into jewelry and other products that consumers desire to own and purchase. Similarly, data needs to be processed -- manipulated and analyzed -- to extract real business value. And this is where data science comes in. Data scientists are the prospectors and the tools they use are the innovations that make them more effective.

Artificial Intelligence Can Help Leaders Drive Global Economy Forward In 2022


Significant hurdles leaders face this year include managing talent, formulating strategies, operational plans, and organizing employee tasks in ways that ensure everyone accesses growth opportunities. These challenges emphasize the importance of good strategy, and are essential for organizational survival. Vijay Pereira, Professor and head of department of people and organizations, at NEOMA Business School in France, believes artificial intelligence (AI) can help leaders undertake these challenges. For example, his recent work concludes that evolutionary computation and data mining can explore large databases or social media to locate potential talented individuals for recruitment purposes. In addition, machine learning helps reanalyze and recognize patterns from data collected from existing decision support systems to help organizations improve their strategic planning processes.

NginRAT – A stealth malware targets e-store hiding on Nginx servers - EZSecurity


Researchers from security firm Sansec recently discovered a new Linux remote access trojan (RAT), tracked as CronRAT, that hides in the Linux task scheduling system (cron) on February 31st. CronRAT is employed in Magecart attacks against online stores web stores and enables attackers to steal credit card data by deploying online payment skimmers on Linux servers. While investigating CronRAT infections in North America and Europe the researchers spotted a new malware, dubbed NginRAT, that hides on Nginx servers bypassing security solutions. Like CronRAT, also NginRAT works as a "server-side Magecart," it injects itself into an Nginx process. Experts pointed out that a rogue Nginx process could not be distinguished from the original. To do that, NginRAT modifies core functionality of the Linux host system.

Ultimate Goal Setting and Achieving - Medea Tech


Ultimate Goal Setting and Achieving is the course for you if you have ever looked at someone else and thought "I want to be like them!" Sometimes when you try to be like that person, you might feel upset or even angry because despite all of your hard work it seems like you are getting nowhere, and everyone else is doing better than you. That's because hard work alone is useless. You need direction and purpose. Think of a car race. It doesn't matter how fast the car is.

Allen School News » Taskar Center launches first mobile version of AccessMap pedestrian trip planning tool for Android and iOS

University of Washington Computer Science

There are many options for mapping and route planning on a smartphone, but one thing they all have in common is their car-centric nature. Those apps that do support pedestrian navigation tend to make assumptions about a user that are at best inaccurate, and at worst dangerous. The app, which was developed by the Taskar Center for Accessible Technology housed at the Paul G. Allen Center of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington and is based off of the web-based tool of the same name, enables users of Android and iOS in the cities of Seattle, Bellingham and Mount Vernon to generate customized walking directions on the go based on their own mobility needs and preferences. The app's release coincides with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, an annual observance initiated by the United Nations to promote the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities in all spheres of society, including political, social, economic and cultural life. "Many apps offer some semblance of pedestrian directions, but those directions assume a user profile that ignores the lived experience of a vast number of people," explained Anat Caspi, director of the Taskar Center.

Exploring ROS2 with a wheeled robot – #4 – Obstacle avoidance


In this post you'll learn how to program a robot to avoid obstacles using ROS2 and C . Before anything else, make sure you have the rosject from the previous post, you can copy it from here. Launch the simulation in one webshell and in a different tab, checkout the topics we have available. The obstacle avoidance intelligence goes inside the method calculateVelMsg. This is where decisions are made based on the laser readings.

'Pink-ball Tests favour England' - Johnson worry over possible Ashes schedule change

BBC News

Changing the Ashes schedule to include a second pink-ball Test would give England an advantage, says former Australia bowler Mitchell Johnson.

Goal Setting : Ultimate Story Based Course


Goal setting seems like a no brainer to achieve any Great Goal! Yet it is seldom effectively practiced. The Key is not about learning complex concepts but rather developing DEEP understanding about simple yet effective methods. What better way to learn this other than through a story? In this 6 Episode series, let us learn various aspects of Goal setting in an extremely effective manner by walking along with Billy as he learns powerful techniques that truly revolutionize his life.

Application of Fuzzy Set Theory to Setup Planning


Computer-aided process planning and computer-aided fixture planning have been widely researched in the last two decades. Most of these computer-aided systems are, however, either dealing only with process planning or fixture design. A set-up planning system for the machining of prismatic parts on a 3-axis vertical machining centre is proposed. This system formulates set-up plans based on the initial, intermediate and final states of a part. The system uses the fuzzy set representation, along with production rules and object representation.