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Man Unhurt After Crash-Landing Plane in Open Field

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Highway Patrol told the newspaper that said Rowe said he was on his way from Fayetteville to Washington, D.C., when he lost fuel pressure and had to make an emergency landing.

GraphGrail Ai Innovation plan – Graph Grail AI – Medium


GraphGrail Ai heralds the merger of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Big Data into a singularity aimed at assisting businesses and developing the technical and innovative potential of millions of users. As the AI market grows and consumes more branches of various advance industries, the need for sorting, marking up, creating and organizing information into coherent streams of useful data will become a necessary and noble purpose that promises to yield profits for all involved. GraphGrail Ai is the platform that means to unite developers and empower them to create solutions businesses need on the basis of immense amounts of data using blockchain technologies, and monetize on their successful constructs. It is undeniable that Blockchain, big data, and AI are great technologies that are catalyzing the process of innovation and introducing major changes in every industry. Of course, every technology comes with a certain degree of technical complexity and business implications but these innovations have the capacity to redesign the entire technological paradigm from scratch.

Microsoft, Xiaomi Have Some AI Plans


Microsoft (ticker: MSFT) and IPO contender Xiaomi have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on artificial intelligence in a rare technology pact of its kind between U.S. and Chinese companies.