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Here’s what your captain sees while landing a plane


There are quite a few perks of being a pilot. Hop in the cockpit and check it out. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. There are quite a few perks of being a pilot. Hop in the cockpit and check it out.

The wealthy get the biggest benefit from House Republican tax plan, analysis finds

Los Angeles Times

Trump opens Asia trip with Japan's Abe against backdrop of tensions with North Korea Just one in three Americans trust Trump to handle North Korean tensions well Japan's Abe treats Trump to a day of personal diplomacy, including golf and trucker hats Brazile says Democratic primaries weren't'rigged' though some see evidence in her new book Trump is silent on Saudi king's purge though he and Salman spoke by phone Japan's Abe treats Trump to a day of personal diplomacy, including golf and trucker hats Brazile says Democratic primaries weren't'rigged' though some see evidence in her new book Trump is silent on Saudi king's purge though he and Salman spoke by phone The greatest benefit from the House Republican tax bill would go to upper-income households, according to an analysis released Monday by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center. Middle-income taxpayers -- those earning between $48,600 and $86,100 annually -- would receive an average tax cut of $700 next year, or about 1% of their after-tax income, the analysis said. The top 20% of the nation's earners -- those making more than $149,400 a year -- would receive an average tax cut of $4,850, or about 1.4% of after-tax income. Those top earners would also receive 60% of the total tax benefits under the plan. Of that, the top 1% of earners, defined as those making more than $730,000 a year, receive about 22% of the total amount of tax cuts in 2018, the Tax Policy Center said.

Judge to Hear Arguments on Tribe's Pipeline Contingency Plan

U.S. News

On Wednesday, Boasberg conferred with attorneys on both sides of an ongoing tribal lawsuit against the pipeline and set a timeline for arguments on Standing Rock's proposal. It includes increased public reporting of pipeline issues such as repairs, and implementation of an emergency spill response plan -- including equipment staging -- at the crossing beneath the Missouri River's Lake Oahe reservoir.

How WayBlazer is Transforming Travel Planning with Artificial Intelligence


For the past few years, the travel industry has been exploring innovative ways to utilize artificial intelligence (AI), in an effort to unlock the promise of more efficient communications and greater customer service between travelers and service provides. So far, most of that potential has remained largely untapped, despite significant advances in both travel and AI sectors. WayBlazer however, is building an extremely powerful travel recommendation engine, and it's doing it with a little help from AI. WayBlazer's Travel Graph uses artificial intelligence to learn about tens of millions of travel products and thousands of global destinations. It ingests and extracts useful from descriptions, reviews, blogs, images, and videos to develop a frame of travel intelligence that's used to power the most relevant recommendations for today's travelers. By using machine learning models, their travel graph gets smarter with every user search.

Post-Hire Employee Engagement and Workforce Management: Leveraging AI in the Workplace


It's about employee engagement, performance management, skills development, and a host of related time- and resource-intensive functions. If the history of enterprise systems, applicant tracking systems, recruitment marketing, and related technologies are any indication, the pace of change may vary, but the strategic value will continue to grow as AI applications begin to span the multiple functions of HR, from recruiting to compensation and performance management. Along with its powerful promise, AI also poses ethical questions as pointed out by an active player in the AI space, Shon Burton, CEO and founder of HiringSolved. That is, HR depends on humans to do the most important parts of its function, interacting with candidates and employees, finding talent, determining strategy, and evolving with the business.

SpaceX Launch Schedule: Two Rocket Launches, Landings Planned For This Weekend

International Business Times

Elon Musk's company SpaceX is planning two rocket launches and recoveries both happening in a span of just 48 hours. The two launches will occur on different coasts of the country from one another, the first at Kennedy Space Center in Florida and the second from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The second launch of the 48-hour period is scheduled for 8:37 a.m. EDT Monday from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. This is the third launch SpaceX will conduct for Iridium, the company has contracted SpaceX to launch 75 communications satellites for them.

Sven Koenig: Progress on Multi-Robot Path Finding CMU RI Seminar


Abstract: "Teams of robots often have to assign target locations among themselves and then plan collision-free paths to their target locations. Today, hundreds of robots already navigate autonomously in Amazon fulfillment centers to move inventory pods all the way from their storage locations to the packing stations. Path planning for these robots can be NP-hard, yet one must find high-quality collision-free paths for them in real-time. The shorter these paths are, the fewer robots are needed and the cheaper it is to open new fulfillment centers.

Financial Gravity hosts AI design challenge for tax planning software


Financial Gravity, a tax services and wealth management firm in Dallas, is sponsoring an AI design challenge for the creation of an an artificially intelligent tax advisor. The AI-enabled automated tax planning assistant software, as it's being called, will be named Odele; and its target end users are business owners, entrepreneurs and high net worth families with multiple sources of income, some investments, and the ability to save for the future. Financial Gravity reports that it has a database of ideal tax scenarios that maximize take-home income. The firm wants Odele to connect individuals to their most ideal scenario.

Engine issue grounds Battle of Britain Memorial Flight planes

BBC News

Most of the historic aircraft that make up the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) have been grounded due to an engine issue. A Lancaster bomber, two Hurricanes and three Spitfire planes are all affected by the problem. The RAF spokesman was unable to say when the planes would be back in the skies. The problem is "related to the Merlin engine" - which powers aircraft including the Spitfire, Lancaster and Hurricane - but "affects all current and serviceable display aircraft", the BBMF said.

The State of Contingent Workforce Management 2017-2018


This year's survey aims to define the current market trends around the concept of "work," including the impact of the Gig Economy, the extent to which specific technologies pave the road for the Future of Work, and the performance, strategies, and capabilities within today's contingent workforce management (CWM) programs. For the purposes of this research study, "non-employee" talent includes temporary workers (sourced via staffing suppliers), freelancers, independent contractors, robotics, professional services, and "gig" workers.