Is Augmented Analytics a Threat to Business Intelligence? Analytics Insight


A term coined by Gartner, Augmented analytics is used to describe the integration of natural language generation, text mining, natural language processing, and automated data processing capabilities into Business Intelligence (BI) systems.

Opinion Artificial Intelligence and its impact on human evolution


Humans have a tendency to make things smarter and smarter: the telephone became a smartphone, the wristwatch became a smartwatch. Another example is where humans enabled a computer to ingest data, process it, provide an outcome, then learn from additional new data and provide an improved outcome. In layman terms, this is cognition and technologies that enable cognition are cognitive technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Generation, etc. This in my view, is one of the most important change that will impact the human race. I believe this will compliment humans and not replace them.

Google pulls gender pronouns from Gmail Smart Compose to reduce bias


Gmail's Smart Compose can save you valuable time when you're firing off a quick message, but don't expect it to refer to people as "him" or "her" -- Google is playing it safe on that front. Product leaders have revealed to Reuters that Google removed gender pronouns from Smart Compose's phrase suggestions after realizing that the AI-guided feature could be biased. When a scientist talked about meeting an investor in January, for example, Gmail offered the follow-up "do you want to meet him" -- not considering the possibility that the investor could be a woman. The problem is a typical one with natural language generation systems like Google's: it's based on huge volumes of historical data. As certain fields tend to be dominated by people from one gender, the AI can sometimes assume that a person belongs to that gender.

Narrative Science Employs Natural Language Generation - Nanalyze


If you've spent much time on Nanalyze, you know that we're passionate about technology and believe that we're living in the most exciting times in history. Our job is to keep you up-to-date about these changes in a variety of fields, so you can make informed financial decisions about where to invest or not--and learn some pretty cool stuff along the way. We talk about the good, the bad and ugly no matter what. Then we came across Narrative Science and its natural language generation (NLG) platform Quill, which uses artificial intelligence technology to write everything from financial reports to sports news. We knew that English degree would be obsolete someday.

Workday plots People Analytics, efforts to gauge workforce performance


Workday outlined People Analytics, an application that will filter through human resources data and give executives an at-a-glance view of workforce trends they need to act on. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics, Workday People Analytics will look for enterprise employee patterns within Workday Human Capital Management. People Analytics will aim to find connections, predict the most important issue to see and explain workplace trends in a narrative powered by natural language generation. People Analytics, which was highlighted at the Workday Rise conference in Las Vegas, falls under a category called augmented analytics by Workday. The gist is that People Analytics will dynamically generate HR analytics to surface issues such as organizational composition, diversity, hiring, retention and attrition, talent gaps and performance.

Mindtree partners IIT Madras for endowed faculty fellow position in Data Science, AI - Times of India


This endowment will empower the renowned academic institution with industry specific knowledge and resources to help create solutions to accelerate the growth and adoption of Data Science and AI globally, the company said in a statement. Through this endowment, Mindtree will help accelerate the development of technology innovation in fields like AI, data analytics, and machine learning, it added. "AI and Data Science are key priorities for our clients as these technologies offer immense potential to create new business opportunities. IIT Madras is one of the global leaders in this field and the collaboration between Mindtree and IIT Madras will help accelerate innovation and push the boundaries of knowledge," the company's CEO and Managing Director Rostow Ravanan said. Mindtree will further extend the partnership with IIT Madras to include research projects focusing on related topics such as personalisation, conversational interfaces and natural language generation, the statement said.

Meteorologists and Students: A resource for language grounding of geographical descriptors Artificial Intelligence

We present a data resource which can be useful for research purposes on language grounding tasks in the context of geographical referring expression generation. The resource is composed of two data sets that encompass 25 different geographical descriptors and a set of associated graphical representations, drawn as polygons on a map by two groups of human subjects: teenage students and expert meteorologists.

Management AI: Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG)


One of my biggest complaints about terminology in the industry is the claim that data from conversations is "unstructured data". After all, how do people communicate, either in voice or in a written language, if there was no structure that aids meaning? Syntax is the structure of language, and it clearly aids in defining semantics, or the meaning of the communications. To understand how computers are rapidly improving, it's important to look at how natural language is different from what computers have historically processed. From flat file sequential data storage models to relational databases (RDBMS), there is a decade's long history of rigidly structured data.

Natural Language Processing Is Hitting Its Stride


Natural language processing is a type of artificial intelligence in which computational and mathematical methods are used to analyze the human language. NPL's goal for end users is to facilitate interactions with computers using conversational language. Subtopics in this genre include natural language understanding, which is about understanding the inputs created by humans, and natural language generation, which focuses on generating natural language narratives. The most popular approaches to NLP use machine learning, said Adrian Bowles, vice president of Research and lead analyst at Aragon Research. "At the most advanced levels in the research labs today, we see applications or systems like Google Duplex, which can act as an agent to perform tasks like scheduling haircuts over the phone by engaging with humans, or IBM's Debater, which can detect patterns of logical arguments in free form text and construct a coherent and novel narrative position statement."

NZ artificial intelligence company leading the world


A New Zealand artificial intelligence company has become a world leader, and is about to list on the NZX. Arria NLG works in natural language generation and has been identified as one of two companies with artificial intelligence products ready for commercialisation. NLG chief executive Sharon Daniels told Mike Hosking the technology will increase the productivity of businesses. "Instead of having a fear around the technology taking over, it's mainly there to increase people's capabilities."