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Computer Vision Models That Learn From Language


Any typical successful computer vision model first undergoes pre-training on ImageNet and then proceeds to do the tasks such as classification or captioning of the image. But can the vision models learn more from language? To explore this, two researchers from the University Of Michigan introduced "VirTex", a pretraining approach to learn visual features via language using fewer images. The aim of this work is to demonstrate that natural language can provide supervision for learning transferable visual representations with better data-efficiency than other approaches. Introducing "VirTex": a pretraining approach to learn visual features via language using fewer images.

Vedantu assists the Government of Karnataka to train doctors online on COVID-19 - Express Computer


Vedantu, a pioneer in LIVE online learning platform in India, is assisting the Ministry of Health (Govt of Karnataka) to impart COVID training and communication to doctors across the State. To assist the Karnataka State Government & Doctors in the ongoing battle against Covid-19, Vedantu has volunteered to offer its WAVE platform. This initiative is helping the ministry to reach out to 250 doctors across Karnataka and train them LIVE using Vedantu's platform to improve their understanding on the following – This training is led by senior officials – Dr. Ravi Kumar, Senior Regional Director at Ministry of Health & FW, Govt of India and Dr Mahamood Shariff, Research officer, NVBDCP, Directorate of H&FW, Govt of Karnataka. Speaking on the partnership, Dr. PC Jaffer (IAS), Secretary to Govt (Expenditure), Finance Department, Karnataka Govt Secretariat, said, "In the current times, taking the risk of face to face training was out of question for us. It was imperative to find a solution that mirrors, but also has the same impact as the face to face training. Hence, we decided to choose Vedantu's platform, given its rich and interactive platform capabilities, to train and converse online with our COVID warriors across the state. We are glad as our training sessions are happening smoothly now and we continue our fight against COVID. "It is Vedantu's great honour to support doctors who are in the front line of the fight against the pandemic.

The Morning After: You can buy a Boston Dynamics robot for $75k


Enterprise software news isn't usually how we'd start off your morning, but in a world where remote work is more common than ever, Google's new partnership with Parallels is worth noting. The virtualization company is best known for making Windows software work on Macs, but now it's going to do the same thing for Google's cloud-connected Chrome OS. More information is due in the "coming months," before the partnership launches this fall, but if the only thing keeping your organization away from Chrome OS is access to Microsoft Office and other apps then that's about to change. We've seen Boston Dynamics' four-legged robotic dog, Spot, help triage patients with COVID-19, hold the door for a fellow bot, herd sheep and more. But until now, Spot was only available under short-term lease in Boston Dynamics' Early Adopter Program.

You Can Now Buy Spot the Robot Dog--If You've Got $74,500


Spot, Boston Dynamics' famous robot dog, dutifully follows my every command. The machine traipses forward, then automatically scrambles over a raised bed of rocks. I command it up a flight of stairs, which it tackles with ease. It meets its match when I steer it at a medicine ball, though; it takes a tumble, and for a moment lies paralyzed on its back. Such unfailing obedience, yet I'm nowhere near Spot, which is roaming about the company's testing grounds in Boston. With almost zero latency, I either use the robot's front camera feed to click on bits of terrain--think of it like scooting around in Google's Street View--or flicking my keyboard's WASD keys in the most expensive videogame imaginable.

Google Cloud Partners With Synechron To Expand Cloud Offering To Financial Services Clients - Express Computer


Synechron Inc., a leading digital enterprise transformation consulting and technology services provider in global financial services, has announced a new partnership with public cloud provider, Google Cloud. Synechron will work with Google Cloud to further build its established global Centre of Excellence (COE) and to expand its existing cloud offering to Synechron's leading financial services clients, in an effort to move towards enterprise-scale architecture modernisation and cloud migration. In their new partnership, Synechron will provide cloud-based solution architecture and operating models to support both the migration of legacy processes, as well as establishing the cloud for new business activities for its clients. Synechron's Google Cloud Centre of Excellence comprises a global group of Google Cloud accredited architects, data engineers and developers who have designed and developed enterprise-grade, cloud-hosted solutions. Mutual clients will be able to create an application landing zone with confidence for their ecosystems with Synechron's cloud migration expertise and managed services framework, increasing operational efficiency and delivering cost leverage.

Apple and Google's contact tracing finally released - Express Computer


Apple Inc. and Google released the first versions of their Covid-19 contact-tracing tools to public health organizations on Wednesday so the agencies can start building applications ahead of the system's launch in mid-May. The toolset is a combination of software updates for iOS and Android, and software development kits to help developers build and test their apps. Apple released an early beta version of its software update that incorporates the technology, iOS 13.5, while Google is rolling out an update via its Google Play app store. The first phase of the system will let health agencies build apps that allow a person who tests positive for Covid-19 to input their diagnosis. The system will then use Bluetooth technology to learn who the person has come into contact with and then notify those people of possible exposure.

An imprisoned bishop Highly Evolved Leela vs Mighty Stockfish TCEC Season 17 Rd 34


FIDE CM Kingscrusher goes over a game featuring An imprisoned bishop Highly Evolved Leela vs Mighty Stockfish TCEC Season 17 Rd 34 Play turn style chess at FIDE CM Kingscrusher goes over amazing games of Chess every day, with a focus recently on chess champions such as Magnus Carlsen or even games of Neural Networks which are opening up new concepts for how chess could be played more effectively. The Game qualities that kingscrusher looks for are generally amazing games with some awesome or astonishing features to them. Many brilliant games are being played every year in Chess and this channel helps to find and explain them in a clear way. There are classic games, crushing and dynamic games. There are exceptionally elegant games.

Robot gorilla 'spy' captures the first footage of Silverbacks in Uganda singing for their supper

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A pack of Silverback Mountain gorillas in Uganda were caught for the first time on camera performing a supper serenade. Filmmakers captured the unique ritual by placing a robotic'spy' that resembles a young gorilla deep in the jungle. The team designed the animatronic machine with realistic eye movements, as wild gorillas communicate with each other through eye contact, and a submissive demeanor with the hopes it would be accepted by the pack. Along with the singing, the footage shows the gorillas screamed a'chorus of appreciation' while eating and provided evidence that they are extremely gassy. A pack of Silverback Mountain gorillas in Uganda were caught for the first time on camera performing a supper serenade.

iWorkers and AiWorkers


Artificial Intelligence, or'AI' is the buzzword of the year. What does AI mean to us Independent Workers? Are we going to be replaced by an algorithm? I've been a computer programmer for almost fifty years now and all through my career I was told that a computer was going to replace me. No, it was a computer, I remember.

AlphaGo - The Movie Full Documentary


With more board configurations than there are atoms in the universe, the ancient Chinese game of Go has long been considered a grand challenge for artificial intelligence. On March 9, 2016, the worlds of Go and artificial intelligence collided in South Korea for an extraordinary best-of-five-game competition, coined The DeepMind Challenge Match. Hundreds of millions of people around the world watched as a legendary Go master took on an unproven AI challenger for the first time in history. Directed by Greg Kohs with an original score by Academy Award nominee, Hauschka, AlphaGo chronicles a journey from the halls of Oxford, through the backstreets of Bordeaux, past the coding terminals of DeepMind in London, and ultimately, to the seven-day tournament in Seoul. As the drama unfolds, more questions emerge: What can artificial intelligence reveal about a 3000-year-old game?