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Computer Poker Program 'Libratus' Earns 'Best Use of AI' Award


The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center received five @HPCwire awards, including one for poker AI'Libratus' The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) received not one, but five HPCwire awards at the 2017 International Conference for High-Performance Computing (HPC), Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC17) on Sunday, Nov. 12. One of the three Readers' Choice Awards that PSC received was for Best Use of AI: CMU School of Computer Science "Libratus" AI on PSC's "Bridges" wins Brains vs. AI competition. HPCwire represents the leading trade publication in the supercomputing community and their annual Readers' and Editors' Choice Awards, given out at the start of the annual supercomputing conference, are well respected in that community. The awards are determined based on a nomination and voting process among the HPCwire community as well as selections from the publication's editors. In addition to Best Use of AI, PSC received two more Readers' Choice Awards -- Outstanding Leadership in HPC (Nick Nystrom, Interim Director, PSC) and Best Use of HPC in Energy (PSC with Texas A&M uses OpenFOAM on PSC Bridges & Texas Advanced Computing Center's Stampede to better understand coolant & heat transfer in high-temperature-jet reactors).

Microsoft Kinect Only Existed So That I Could Embarrassingly 'Just Dance'


Microsoft has finally decided that the Kinect is no longer a viable standalone device to keep in production. This makes sense as the technology has been utilized for innovations such as Cortana and Hololens. Microsoft will continue to support the device (the Kinect will still work with whatever Xbox you've got it plugged in to) because Microsoft knows that it would be a fatal error to take away my ability to Just Dance. My Kinect, which is my second Kinect, is plugged into a Xbox One and its sole purpose in this world is to track my movements as I less-than-rhythmically jostle my body around while trying to follow some disco viking tripping out to the beat of "Pound the Alarm" by Nicki Minaj (extreme version). The current high score on that track is 11,270, which belongs to my daughter, who beat me by 50 points.

Behold the Kickmen: how a game designer who hates football made the ultimate football sim

The Guardian

In an early development video, Marshall even recommends setting match duration to short times because, he reminds us, football is'just kicking and goals'. So for a game jam-type thing, I thought I'd make a silly football game. After 15 months, Behold the Kickmen turned from a joke, into a commercially released game for PC and Mac. It's not interesting if a football game designer is making a football game.

China blocks online broadcast of computer go match


Internet users outside China watched a computer defeat its national go champion, but few Chinese web surfers could see it. Censors blocked access to Tuesday's online broadcast by Google, which organized the game in a town west of Shanghai during a forum on artificial intelligence. The event got little coverage from Chinese newspapers and broadcasters, suggesting they might have received orders to avoid mentioning Google, which closed its China-based search engine in 2010 in a dispute over censorship and computer hacking. The official response to the game, a major event for go and artificial intelligence, reflects the conflict between the ruling Communist Party's technology ambitions and its insistence on controlling what its public can see, hear and read.

How I became a video game designer: Bugi Kaigwa


Working in the world of video games is a true dream job, and Bugi Kaigwa, a technical artist at Visual Concepts, is living the dream as a video game designer. Kaigwa, who works on developing the immensely popular NBA 2K basketball games, including this year's NBA 2K17 game, chatted with USA TODAY College about vanilla lattes, hard work and, well, of course video games. My dad is an amazing, amazing artist and I look up to him. My heart, though, was in the animation; I love video games, and I came to California and enrolled in Cogswell.

Computers can now challenge -- and beat -- professional poker players at Texas hold 'em

Los Angeles Times

Doug Polk, one of the world's best poker players, shoveled egg whites into his mouth with a plastic fork and slurped unsweetened oatmeal from a paper cup, 13 days into the oddest tournament he has ever entered. His opponent, Claudico, did not struggle with fatigue, mental breakdown or hunger, despite... Doug Polk, one of the world's best poker players, shoveled egg whites into his mouth with a plastic fork and slurped unsweetened oatmeal from a paper cup, 13 days into the oddest tournament he has ever entered. The European Space Agency's Rosetta orbiter will commit operational suicide early Friday morning, but first it has just a little bit more science to do. The European Space Agency's Rosetta orbiter will commit operational suicide early Friday morning, but first it has just a little bit more science to do.



The immediate reaction to Apple's long-overdue MacBook Pro overhaul seems mixed, to say the least. For every excited reaction to the laptop's adaptive Touch Bar keys, we see people lamenting the lack of ports that professional users actually need, the lack of a 32GB memory option, the lack of an SD card slot, and the lack of, well, pretty much any "pro" features in the entry-level MacBook Pro model (which still costs $1,500 and up). Fear not: If "Pro" is more than a mere buzzword to you, there's a veritable cornucopia of attractive, yet powerful PC laptops just waiting to scratch your itch. For even more options, be sure to check out PCWorld's list of the best PC laptops around.

Singapore game designer wins Tata Communications F1 innovation challenge with augmented reality app


Tata Communications is hoping that a Formula 1 racing fan and Singapore-based game designer will pave the way for an immersive augmented reality experience that could be deployed in the future. The effort is designed to attract developers to potentially enhance the Formula 1 racing experience. The innovation challenge highlights how companies are increasingly holding contests to garner ideas and potentially future talent. YogaBrata's idea was to use a 360-degree trackside experience that is enabled by a group of commentators who roam wearing wearable cameras. After Thought: The Computer Challenge To Human Intelligence (9780465007820): James Bailey: Books


We have survived the advent of the new Millennium, and we have found once again that, after the divine afflatus, human intellect reigns supreme in the cosmos. Yet even with the burgeoning networks and the increasingly powerful integration of humanity and its machines, the surprises offered by the observations of the young and young-in-spirit still outdo those of scientific teams. Yet Thoreau offered my students access not to data, but to genius, and that, not data, intrigued them. My maths colleagues, intrigued with what I was doing with language, proceeded to AI, and my psychology colleagues drifted off to work some of the same ideas in formulating new network designs at Bell Labs.

How these game designers tried to keep to the plot in an open world

Washington Post

The lead writer of "Mafia III," Bill Harms, and its creative director, Haden Blackman, thought hard about how to let players roam free through the streets of their New Orleans-inspired city New Bordeaux -- without losing the plot. Haden Blackman, creative director: When we first started working on "Mafia III," we tried to look at what was the franchise known for. Bill Harms, lead writer: Fictionally the thing about the mob that helps us is that it's a very rigid hierarchy. Harms: It's about freedom and not being confined to a specific game space.