AI assistants will soon recognize and respond to the emotion in your voice


Developed using the power of deep learning technology, the smart tech is capable of observing changes in tone, volume, speed, and voice quality and using this to recognize emotions like anger, laughter, and arousal in recorded speech. "The addition of Emotion AI for speech builds on Affectiva's existing emotion recognition technology for facial expressions, making us the first AI company to allow for a person's emotions to be measured across face and speech," Rana el Kaliouby, co-founder and CEO of Affectiva, told Digital Trends. We've set out to develop multi-modal Emotion AI that can detect emotion the way humans do from multiple communication channels. Affectiva developed its voice recognition system by collecting naturalistic speech data from a variety of sources, including commercially available databases.

'The Punisher' Will Feature Less Supernatural Elements, More 'Basic Human Emotions'

International Business Times

That means that many parts of the other Marvel shows will not crossover into "The Punisher." "We are stripping down every supernatural element," star Jon Bernthal told Entertainment Weekly. The latest teaser for the Netflix drama, the sixth Marvel show to hit the streaming platform, highlights Frank's military past. In "The Punisher," fans will learn that Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) is an ally.

Apple's Animoji Will Teach You To Love Face Tracking, For Better or Worse


This time, you'll fire up Apple's new TrueDepth camera, and a suite of technologies--flood illuminator, infrared camera, front-facing camera, and dot projector--will project and analyze 30,000 dots across your visage, creating a high-resolution map of your facial features. As he thumbed through the iOS Messages app, Federighi's face became a clucking chicken, a neighing unicorn, and a chattering dung pile. Using the phone's TrueDepth camera, Apple can track more than 50 muscle movements, and overlay those features onto the animal emoji you know and love--that includes the fox, the unicorn, and yes, the pile of poop. Last year, Apple acquired a company called Emotient, which uses facial tracking software to analyze and predict human emotion.

Artificial emotional intelligence: the future of AI


By integrating emotional intelligence with the existing artificial intelligence, AI is taking a crucial turn on its journey to becoming a transformational technology. However, even the most sophisticated AI technologies lack essential factors like emotional intelligence and the ability to contextualize information like human beings. By the year 2020, artificial emotional intelligence is deemed to be a technological reality. In the next five years, artificial emotional intelligence is projected to grow into a multibillion-dollar industry, completely transforming industries, market research, innovation, R&D, and just so much more.

Can Robots Feel Your Pain?


"[Robots] are increasingly being designed to serve as pets, nurses, office assistants, tour guides, teachers, domestic servants, and even emotional companions," says Kwan Min Lee of the University of Southern California, who studies communication between humans and machines. They'll also need to respond with an emotionally appropriate behavior--be it through facial expressions, body posture, gaze direction, voice, or touch. These are all methods the robots Kismet (pictured) and Leonardo use to communicate emotion with their human companions. The design of Kismet's social "brain" was influenced by University of Cambridge psychiatrist Simon Baron- Cohen's work on autism, in which he identified four brain modules--Intentionality Detector, Eye Direction Detector, Shared Attention Mechanism, and Theory of Mind Mechanism--that are necessary for everyday social interaction.

What Makes Automatic Emotion Detection So Powerful?


The one and only reason why businesses are turning to automatic emotion detection is you! What are the possible applications of emotionally intelligent machines? In addition, when automatic emotion recognition is used in public safety, healthcare, or as assistive technology, it can greatly improve the quality of people's lives, allowing them to live in a safer environment or reducing the impact that disabilities or other health conditions have. We are defining today how machine emotional intelligence will evolve and how it'll be used.

Emotion AI Will Personalize Interactions


Artificial intelligence (AI) and affective computing are starting to make this possible. Devices enriched with AI, depth-sensing and neurolinguistic-programming technologies are starting to process, analyze and respond to human emotions. They use the technological approaches of natural-language processing and natural-language understanding, but they don't currently perceive human emotions. Artificial emotional intelligence ("emotion AI") will change that.

Facebook's negotiating bots learned their own language and how to lie


This AI experiment comes out of a lab called Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research. The bots ran afoul of their Facebook overlords when they started to make up their own language to do things faster, not unlike the way football players have shorthand names for certain plays instead of taking the time in the huddle to describe where everyone should run. The bots ran afoul of their Facebook overlords when they started to make up their own language to do things faster. Outside of Facebook, other researchers have been working to help bots comprehend human emotions, another important factor in negotiations.

Emotional Intelligence Needs a Rewrite - Issue 51: Limits


Our traditional understanding and practice of emotional intelligence badly needs a tuneup. Your brain may automatically make sense of someone's movements in context, allowing you to guess what a person is feeling, but you are always guessing, never detecting. To teach emotional intelligence in a modern fashion, we need to acknowledge this variation and make sure your brain is well-equipped to make sense of it automatically. A reasonable, science-backed way to define and practice emotional intelligence comes from a modern, neuroscientific view of brain function called construction: the observation that your brain creates all thoughts, emotions, and perceptions, automatically and on the fly, as needed.

The Role of Emotional Intelligence in AI


For that reason, marketers are now turning to messaging platforms to improve communication channels for sales and customer service conversations. Companies like United Airlines, Pizza Hut, Denny's Diner, Focus Features, and PatrĂ³n, just to name a few, have implemented bots on social media to field customer service issues or help consumers seek information more quickly.